i want to cancel the all mobile text alert on my cellphone, how do i do this?

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i want to cancel the all mobile text alert on my cellphone, how do i do this?

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  1. Guest22679612

    These text scam company's are owned by""OUR CELL PHONE COMPANY'S"'!!  Charged on our cell phone as "'other charges!!  We must call oue cell phone company and Have ""all company's removed from such charges!!   These scams the last 12 months have over flooded the internet, billed thu our cell phones. Every state's Att. general, FCC and the Anti-trust Commish is now holding hearing over these ""SCAMS""..    With most texting ""STOP"" will only get you another $9.99 charge to your cell phone, as this has happened to me!!  Mobil Messenager has 100's of such text number scams with many different 1-800 or 1-866 numbers.. like 1-800-416-6129 and 1-800-235-7105,, You can call direct at 310-957-3381 and speak with Karen watson-smith corp CEO of this scam corp!!    For its been 4 months and still getting refunds for junk i never asked for!!!  

  2. Guest19982951
    Text Number: 72078 - Text "STOP" to this short code Phone Number: 1-,888-=703*-6285 I got through almost right away when called
  3. Guest19966816
    I got a txt message from this number, and it said something about a 9.99 monthly subscription fee, i txted back "stop", to =72078= and it said "You have not registered nor billed. 1-.,888-*703.-.6285 or" i stopped it.
  4. Guest19839155
    I did as someone stated on this website to text "unsubscribe". by entering 72078 STOP i did and received confirmation that it was unsubscribed. I also called the #1-,888..703**6285 it listed and they are sending me a 9.99 refund as well in the mail but it will just take a few days to receive :)
  5. Guest18541914
    I went through the same hassle as above! Here are the contact details tied to this charge: Email: Text Number: 72078 - Text "STOP" to this short code Phone Number: 1-888-703-6285 - Press 2. ** Believe it or not I got through almost right awaywhen called! Website: If you did not authorize the service request a credit back. Options are either check or paypal.
  6. Guest17134478
    I got my cell phone bill on a Thursday; called my carrier and they told me that someone had to either OK the billing from a computer or a text message. They told me to dial the access number and text "STOP"; did that and almost immediately got a text back saying the service was cancelled. Mu husband wasn't satisfied (it was his phone that the charge came in on - he doesn't know how to text and wouldn't OK something like this from his laptop) so I had to call All Mobile Alerts directly. Spent 15 minutes on hold the first time then hung up because I had to go out; called later Thursday evening and after another 15 minutes on hold, actually spoke to a real person. Told her the charge was bogus and that we never OK'd it; please refund the $9.99. Suprise! suprise! she asked for our info and said the check would get to us in 1 or 2 days (yeah, right!! as if!!!). Total shocker - today (Monday), I got a check for $9.99 from them (Customer Refund Account). Boy, that was fast - how many do you think they send out in a day???!!! Have to get to the bank and hope the check is good!!!

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