i want the answer cuz i really want to talk to justin bieber

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i want the answer cuz i really want to talk to justin bieber

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  1. Guest24305666

    ih im bessie i want you came to  my  home to  me.  I Im fan 

  2. Guest22680695

    hi Justin b i am going to see your movie never say never to tommorrow. one day i hope to see u send me something back now please. love u cutty

  3. Guest22675384

    hello im justin beaver and im a beaVER i love fuking up trees with my long teeth i love the way g**s think my flat tail and teth are s**y if your a girl i hate you i am inlove with boys

  4. Guest22585017

    i am in 4th grade how to you get a 5th grader to like you HELP! this one is not adout justin.

  5. Guest22585017

    hey thats was not realy nice guest 22570914.

  6. Guest22570914

    girls r u serouis he might not have eva heard of dis website before soo plz stop wasting ur life on asking him for his number cuz i aint going to happen sooo blahhh and im only ten and i think hes pretty cute but i have  sense to not bug people for his number dang u gurls r pathetic then stop dang u cant get it though ur big fat heads full of nothing stupidness have  a nice day and  get ur head out of ur butt thank u for u time if u read this i am really a nice gurl but it annyos me wen u guyz ask 4 his number and as to talk ti him but u guys no it aint going so happen soooo do something wit ur life thank ya thank u very muc hfor ur time

  7. Guest22551190

    hi its me again judy i am not lining iam your NUMDER 1 FAN!

    LOVE YOU and guest 21739845 i hate you for saying you hate justin why he is so so so so..cute! and nice. and his mom is pretty. LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER!!.by

  8. Guest22543957

    i  wish you will come to salisbury md please............... it will make my live better to see you in real live LOVE YOU! from judy AGAIN!. i have five pictures of you three pictruers on my book of you PLEASE!! love you for ever i love! your song never say never i like the park when you sing  was like this never never say ever never never say ever i realy like that prak.BY

  9. Guest22543957


    hey justin its me again judy what like in a guy is that they be there self and they are funny and they will be there for me i know you mybe will not like me i am 10.I LOVE YOU JUSTIN! i am your numder 1fan!.and i am the same color as you.

  10. Guest22526808

    hey justin u there]


  11. Guest22526787

    hi justin its me again judy i love your singing and i cant bleve your on jacods team  he is so ugly i am on edwards team LOVE YOU JUSTIN!

  12. Guest22507505

    JUSTIN IS SO CUTE!! from judy again.

  13. Guest22395456

    you     are        hot

  14. Guest21739845

    i hate you


  15. Guest21386218
    hey jutin i am kara.i am new at this site somebody answer me please
  16. Guest20492817
    your the best singer.
  17. Guest20291491
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  18. Guest20033016
    I really want to meet him i've been searching and i couldn't get anything. NAYNAY
  19. Guest19737259
    hi justin im such a big fan i really really want to talk to u so pleas pleas pleasmwrite me ever seince i saw what u did for 3 year old cody so pleas write me
  20. Guest19595435
    Hey Justin it is Brianna S. But U can call me is my dream to meet U. ~ Brianna S.
  21. Guest19351808
    I LOVE JUST DREW BIEBER HE IS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Guest19176026
    justin you rock
  23. Guest19168545
    JB u rock you r so cute i'm going to make my room baby blue the color u like
  24. Guest19164695
    justin you are great all the girls in my class go crazy when they hear your name that it is so funny their faces turn red LOVE PEBBLES
  25. Guest19125884
    did you song one time for me
  26. Guest18965598
    so i can give him a song and it goes like this
  27. Guest18916088
    hi justin bieber i love you so so so so so much i wish i can meet you can you come to my birthday party i live in perth scotland 129 tweedsmuir road my birthday is on the 26th of septenber hope your there when you have your next concert in glasgow i will be there can you shout out "can caitlin lamb buchan come up on stage she is my number 1 fan and we are going to sing love me" because i want to sing with you you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and it will be the perfect birthday present from you or you can send me a birthday card but me and you meeting will be better thanks i will see you later on my birthday oh i cant wait i will be so so happy i will have a present for you i will buy it today thank-you Tuesday 18th of may from caitlin lamb buchan xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox = (hugs and kisses)
  28. Guest18915606
    hi yous its JB im not g*y and i love all my fans thank-you for all your support
  29. Guest18805175
    heyy justin, i am not like all my friends i am different. i am not a big fan and i will tell u about me. My name is jane cassidy, i am 14 years old and my birthday is April 6th. my fav colour is purple.
  30. Guest18732801
    i love you
  31. Guest18455841
    hey my name is alyssa and i think you are really cute. how old are you i am 15 , some of my friends say you are stupid , that is totally not true you are the coolest teen in the world, oh yah, what is your phone number
  32. Guest18398524
    justin i really think ur fine but i know 2 u iam just another crazy fan and thats y i really dont talk about u as much as other girls and yea sometimes i say i dont like u but in my mind i know its just a lie sooo...anywho i think ur really fine...bye
  33. Guest18278679
    i really think your awesome all the boys say you are g*y but i disagree your awesome if i could just meet you in person for one day i will do anything to speak to you face to face by the way my hair is like yours because your hair is soo cool all the girls at my school love you too bits but i wanna meet you your my idol and im a bit shy but i like singing but i think i am rubbish at it so i do it in private can you please get in touch or something and honestly i get treated like rubbish at my house my mum and dad split up and i just found out the love of my life used me i really wanna meet you it would really help my life and just hope we could be cool get in touch from Liam Maughan (you the man)
  34. Guest18202369
    im so glad to talk to u
  35. Guest18091113
    hi justin bieber my name is vicky shultz i go to elizabthtown area high school i am from pa. iam 15 years old. i want to meet you on your tour to allentown that is two day before my birthday my b-day is sept 6,1994.i mit be going to that emil is emli me :)
  36. Guest18089724
    HEY JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! my name is Alyssa and im a huge fan. email me ur number and i will give u mine. here is some of my biography... im from boston. i speak italian and im 9 years old. i was born in the year of 2000.i donnot like school (not my thing 2 just sit there being bored).i also love 2 write, dance, sing, draw, play guitar and piano. im a huge fan if u ever come 2 boston ill try 2 get backstage passes and an autograph or u can send and autograph 2 me which is 02151 send it 2 the mail guy and send it 2 joesph mellone which is my dad. i live in revere 02151. me and my friends stephanie, jaqueline, katirina, stephanie, brianna, shannon, illiana,teresa, and cristina r huge fans. if u want u can call me if u have a facebook look 4 marlene mellone the picture is me and my mom 2gether on easter send here a private message including ur phone number.ill keep it private then ill send u my number in private message. or ill just send u a note asking 4 an autograph, ur phone number, and when r u coming 2 boston. i luv u so much justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  37. Guest18088099
    hi justin bieber my name is vicky i am 15. i go to elizabethtown high school. i want to meet you you are good preson to animals and kids.:)
  38. Guest17828626
    hi justin im jessica and im 15 and i just love your music i am looking for a guy like you. i have you everywhere in my room and i just want to meet you in person so bad bye love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  39. Guest17665371
    will you give me your phone number.Please!
  40. Guest17466931
    u are the cutes boy.How old are u.
  41. lil bim boo brianna
    justin please im not l**k the ather pepol i swer to god i wont tell noooooooo body swer to god
  42. lil bim boo brianna
    justin please im not l**k the ather pepol
  43. Guest16909498
    hi Justin bieber i like boys with a good personalty and you have it all i am your biggest fan pics all over my room in my locker at cullybackey high school in northern Ireland i really want you to came here this is my number if you where using over here 07512301606 i love all your song and you are the my favvvvvvvvvourite singer in the world i love youuuuuu hsoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love from chloe in cullybackey xoxoxxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  44. Guest16822596
    Justin i think i am your biggest fan because i have your posters in my locker and at my house all over my walls. i think you are sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. I love your music and i lisen to it all the time i play your cd over and over agin. I think my favorit songs that you sing are one less lonlry girl down to earth and one time.Ps.i am your biggest fan in the world i know i am. your so cute.
  45. Guest16822596
    Justin Bieber you are sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute i have you all over my walls. I even put your posters in my locker.
  46. Guest16822596
    What is Justin Biebers phone number
  47. Guest16812929
    U guys need to stop giving out your numbers its dangerous and sum wierd persun mite cal u up and if justin did hav sum time off dnt u think he mite want to spend it with friends and family anyway and he is only one persun he cnt cal everyone
  48. Guest16059248
    what is JUSTIN BIEBERS number because i have tried ever number!
  49. Guest15931831
  50. Guest15926347
    hi justin im a really big fan but when i see you i want you to be my friend im eight years old and i really like your songs i live at lynnchester dr. 6112 40219 louisville ky i hope you want to be my friend too love olivia coke
  51. Guest15594140
    this is my number3528974262
  52. Guest15467747
    hey justin my friend lexi is like your biggest fan ever so am i but i was wondering if you could met her if thats to big could give her two tickets to your next show
  53. Guest15278683
    i wont to talk to him tooooo
  54. Guest15230020
    hi justin i really like i do not like you i love you and i hope that will always be that way
  55. Guest15209004
    hi justin i am a fan and i like u alot but it is not always about biggest fans it is about how nice u are and ur music is and not how hot u look but u r a cutee and i know u r always busy that is kind of weird for fiffteen but i was and all the girls in my school like u and we all talk about u in class and lunch and we pass notes that r about u we all hope u can come over to our school and preeforme in front of us iwe do care if u do not come please come we all love u and ur songs please i beg of u please talk to me later. love,Tara gibson
  56. Guest15183943
    hit me up cuz 517 4605 my name is josh man will have so much fun hagging out with girls!
  57. Guest15048773
    you are beond hot and i would take abullet for you.ever sense the first time i heard your videos it was my dream to see you in me at sassychick
  58. Guest14948258
    Dear Justin Bieber, I love all of ur songs and i love you! I am ur biggest fan and i realy need to ask u something. Please call me my number is 870 415 0478 that is my real number please call me it will make my dreams come true!!!!!! ps. i love your songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  59. Guest14919139
    Justin i think you are a very nice guy, i really like you, but i now you would never like me. I am 12 my birthday is November 9. The year 1997. You see i am mixed you now whatthat means my dad is black and my mom is white so i am a tan color i do not think you date mixed girls, do you? What i like in a guy is a nice personality funny and nice and i think that is all you. I wish you could come to my school at The Mountain Community School, it is in hendersonville North Carolina beside Jackson Park so i could see you. Oh my madi forgot to tell you my name is Maya Coleman. The cool thing is that you and me have alot in common. Almost all of my family live in Alanta, well that is kind of the only thing. But should get to now you more. I think you are really cute. And i have a question it is kind if big. can you make a music video with the song "Love Me" and if you come to my school that would be really be cool if you asked me to be the girl in the music video. I have always dreamed of being in a music video with you. You are my insperation and you will always be. Love: your futer friend Maya Coleman To: Justin Bieber p.s: i hope my letter is not to long and i hope you read it.
  60. Guest14911782
    justin bieber can u please please please please call me its 283-4665 please cause i want to ask u something and dont worry its my real #
  61. Guest14907531
    justin bieber my cousin is your biggest fan were from jamaica and wanted to ask you this question even thou usher made your dream come true if you wood make her dream come true her dream is to one day see you in person and you can sing one time to her and take a picture with her and just to let you in on a secret your the only singer she loves and i,m not lieing she loves and she is only nine love you by its not and question as you can see
  62. Guest14839946
  63. Guest14611767
    Justin I am your bigest fan every and I know you can not talk right now but I think you are the cutest guy I ever saw!!!!
  64. Guest14539202
    justin i know that u dont have time to talk but i am ur biggest fan and one i want to see u in reallife u will make my dreams come true when is the last time u ever stopped and a least hang out with one of ur biggest fans email me at give back too ur fans because we give back too u
  65. Guest14365015
    justin you there
  66. Guest14364011
    are you cute

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