i need a super star account coz someone hacked mine on stardoll

by Guest20802375  |  9 years, 8 month(s) ago

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plz help me im very sad

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  1. Guest27083662

    if you've been hacked all you have to do is look on google of away to git your account back Even no google i'snt really much help sometimes but it works for me in if you want a free superstar account look up swimteam in then say on google whats swimteam password in then all you have to do is type in her user name in just press log in if you looked up the correct Cheat on google hope it works :-)

  2. Guest24925525

     How about starting over with a free membership? Sign up at:

    Do offers (ArcaMax ones are the easiest) , earn points, get LOTS AND LOTS of memberships from other sites as well (ie Clubpenguin, moshi monsters, and Runescape! Get other cool things like iPods if you get lots of points!

  3. Guest22619289

    hey if you want it back then go to forgot password and right your email and then go to your email and tada you have your new password i tryed when i was hacked and i got it back try it its easy!

  4. Guest20807166
    can you hack mine? it is iam_abelieber password#justindrewbieber

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