i like my bestfriend

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My bestfriend and I have been attracted to each other for a couple of years but we never talked about it or told each other until about 5 months ago. He says he doesnt want to ruin the friendship and I agree with him. He gets really jealous when I date other men and gives me a hard time about it but its okay for him to date other girls and make them his g.f. he is with me every chance he gets which is a lot. this past week he has been going out with his friends but sends me text messages saying he wishes i was there, he talked to his friends about me and i have no idea what they told him because all of a sudden he went on a date with someone after telling me he wants to take me out on dates. I dont know what to do anymore!

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  1. Genie
    Guest1792322 you can post your query with more details or you can just click on CHAT NOW to have some detailed discussion on the topic so that I can help you better. First of all you need to understand his behaviour and feeling. Feelings can be for a short period so dont waste your time if he does not want to go with you for a longer period of time or can have a permanent relationship. and try to win his heart i dont think so that anyone of you have done this yet !

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