i have an old clarinet - evette sponsored by Buffet- Paris, France.

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Serial number 6391. 87 stamped on the two barrels with keys. Can you tell me it's worth?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, The Evette brand indicated an "intermediate model" clarinet made by the Buffet Crampon company in Paris. During the 1970s-1980s, Evette clarinets (and the even better Evette Master Model clarinets) were made of wood very similar to the professional model Buffet clarinets. The keys were identical to those on the professional R-13, and the exterior of the clarinet was also identical. I have heard that the differences were that the very most perfect pieces of wood were used for the Buffets, and the less perfect ones were used for the Evettes. I have also heard that they would manufacture the clarinets and then test them, and stamp "Buffet" on the best ones and "Evette Master Model" on the next-best ones. But I'm not sure this is true. I do hear from a reputable source that the keys are identical but the Evette models do not have the "tone hole undercutting" which makes the Buffets so spectacular. In any case, I am a big fan of the Evette Master Model clarinet and I recommend to ALL my students that they purchase this model instead of spending all the extra money on a Buffet. I am not familiar with the plain Evette model. I once saw an Evette model which was a lower-quality clarinet made in Germany. I also saw an Evette clarinet which was actually made of plastic(!) but the plastic had a grain pattern molded into it so it was actually quite difficult to tell it apart from wood.

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