i have a model z32lcd4-uk zenieth tv

by Guest17769176  |  9 years, 7 month(s) ago

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when i turn the tv on the screen comes on white with blue vertical lines and will not change. the tv is only 16 months old. any suggestions my e-mail is

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  1. Guest24960642

     Most likely the capacitors in the power supply are shot.  A tech can rebuild the board, I just diid one within an hour's worth of work. 

  2. Guest22407964

    Good luck with that! I had miune do it too, an easy fix. Poor quality parts, but everyone does that now.

  3. Guest21634925

    This happened on 2 of 4 that I bought just over 2 year. Power light blinks 18 times right.  Turn it off and on like 30 times and it may load.  Mine did and then never turn it off. put it on video 1 or something when not in use. Also file a complaint.  I am sure there will be a class action lawsuit on them for this model.  search the net zenith make c**p tvs now.

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