i finish my college during college i loved one person.he also love me lot

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but now our relationship not good now. he ask me to not to mess and call to him till he call to me but im not able to belive him whether he vl leave me im in more confusion . wat i want to do now pls help me.

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  1. ZZ

     When you are emotionally attached with any one if it is you boyfriend you friend your parents or any one it is never easy to leave them just with out any notice. 

    You just mentioned that he said you that he will contact you himself then i think he should contact to at least after a month or so. Because we are not living in that age where we are captured inside any place from where communication is not possible. The present age is of technology. these relation are always developed on trust bases. And the way I understand your question you trust him more then any thing else. That is why you are waiting for him. 
    But here i would like to add some thing to your information that if he is not making any sort of contact with you then now i think you should yourself contact him. thou he said you not to contact him but you need to now because this act of yours will show that you really love him and you really are missing him and you care for him. 
    You can start on by saying that you were very much worried about him. 
    Because as the time passes he might get involved with some one else and there might not be any place left for you in his life. So things should be clear and you need to follow him. As he is your love and you have got rights over him.
    Because currently you are on the middle of the road and you not know in which direction to go. So you have to make your mind and you have to be brave. I know you can do it. 

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