i feel miserable why do i still love this guy and cry over him when he hates me & likes another girl

by Guest24972808  |  8 years, 2 month(s) ago

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is it love and are we meant to be and he just doesn't know it or something?? :(

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  1. Guest25012778

    FROM REYLON: Hate= Love. Fighting shows a way you care. (You fight because the person you are currently fighting with is doing something that is putting u ina bad mood and u want them to stop, and by telling them to stop, your telling them how to improve in their life so they won't have to go through that same fight with another person again, in other words...not so you can hate them even more! Get Me, Now?) Ignoring means you want their attention. U just don't realize it. U may not feel it or see it at that moment, but the truth always comes out in the end not everything is a secret.

  2. Guest24999502

     time heals everything. your sadness will fade over time. you'll get over it. in the meantime while your getting ready to move on in life, have a good cry, get prepared to open up your heart again, spend time with friends& get a hobby just to keep you happy and occupied, find another boy to love, and move on. i really do wish you the best im sorry it had to end this way. but on the other hand, some boys really just arent worth it. but not all boys are the same. there are literally ovr 10 boys in tbis world you have a chance to fall in love with. it wont work unless you believe in yourself, open up your heart again, work really hard, and most importantly-try. Try. Don't be afraid. When you find the next boy, trust me. You WILL feel a spark in your heart the moment you realize that he's just the one for you

  3. Guest24984867

    guys who hate you really love you they'll realize it in a few years,maybe months from the moment they start to hate you. when that moment comes,tears of guilt will come to their eyes.

  4. Guest24976894

    trust me,he is not the one for you if he hates you. as a matter of fact, he may only hate you because you like him and he doesnt feel the same. otherwise,he would get along with you..

  5. Guest24974027

    he doesnt hate you nor is he mad at u..he just doesnt feel the same and wants u 2 move on to the next guy you've got.

  6. CoolGirl95

     heis not mad at you and he doesnt hate you he is just mad at the fact you like him because he doesnt feel the same. just learn to accept that and move on. thats what i would do if i were you.

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