i changed the fuel filter on my 97 f-350 deisel, now it wont start? did i miss something?

by Guest15433890  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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after changing the fuel filter on my f-350 deisel pick up it wouldnt start after? only thing that is differnt is the wait to start light on the dash no longer lights up?

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  1. Guest16047604
    probably messed up the fuel heater when you changed the filter. The element is contained in the bowl under the filter. When it goes bad it blows fuse #22. #22, for some reason, controls the Injector driver module. When fuse#22 goes, the truck will not start, period. Either unplug the element, or if you live in a warm enought climate to not need it, just cut the wire going to it, then replace #22. It should be fine then.

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