i cant upload pictures to my computer or anything else computer wont recongize my camera

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I have to store my photos in my computer. I attached my camera to my PC for transferring my picture there but unfortunately, my computer did not recognize my camera. I have been trying to fix my problem for many days but did not get success. I will be very thankful for your assistance. Please help me to solve it!

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  1. James Augustus

    This is very common problem, facing many people every day. Sometimes, this problem arises when you attach incompatible camera or incompatibility of operating system.
    If the problem is incompatibility then you need to know the brand name, specifications of the device and its compatibility. If it is compatible with your computer and you are well aware about the technicalities of the device then you need to install its proper driver. Installing driver is not a rocket science. Even a small kid can do it easily. Drivers can be downloaded from internet without spending too much money and time. There are many websites on the internet where you can get a driver for your devices on your finger tips.
    However, there could be problem in your camera. Your camera might not be working properly. Make sure that it works accurately. If not, you need to replace it or repair it. Best of luck!

  2. ZZ

     Problems like this occur when ever there is some sort of compatibility difference in the windows of computer and the device to be attached.

    Here the window with in your computer does not support your camera therefore the computer do not recognize the camera and you are not being able to upload the pictures.
    Now what you can do is that you need to install the drivers which will support your camera on your computer and then only you can save pictures to your system.
    These drivers are at most available on internet the best way to find out drivers is through Google.
    After you install the required drivers your pictures can then easily be transfered to your computer. 

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