i am an 11 year girl that needs a boy freind.

by pottergirl101  |  10 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I like harry pootter andvideo games. You need to go to draper middle school.

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  1. Guest27788076

    <p>iam 11 will you date me. but i live in missiour.

  2. Guest27788076

    iam 11 will you date me.

  3. Guest25015880

     hi my name is destiny and i need a boy friend if you live in cali in anderson or in redding  please emil me at ty and i am good looken lol

  4. Guest25002790

    phone number 6136167 text me


  5. Guest22654154

    I'm a 11 year old boy that realy need a girlfriend that is good looking.If you like me send me a pic of you please.

  6. Guest15872355
  7. Guest15872355
    Hai i am looking for a girl friend... Pls add me in your chat list....! My msn id:- My gmail id:- My yaho id:-
  8. Guest14131220
    i like harry potter and video games and im 11. we will make a great copple so email me at
  9. Guest14092930
    Hi my name is Jesus and im 11years-old and i need a girl friend to could you be my girl friend.
  10. Guest13714918
    r u from plss reply
  11. Guest13673584
    do u want to go out?
  12. victoria
    hi i am Victoria and i need a boy freind to and i am a big fan of harry potter to wanna be freinds e-mail my at torincredible at
  13. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I think you just need to talk to him more. As long as you can start conversations with him and get to know him better, this will be really good for your relationship with him. Once you guys are comfortable, just ask him if he'd like to hang out with you on a weekend. You've asked a guy before, so you know that giving it a try is better than not trying at all. Good luck!
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