i am 12 years old and i am 12 stone 5 pounds , so , am i overweight or am i just going through my teenage years?

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i am 12 years old and i am 12 stone 5 pounds , so , am i overweight or am i just going through my teenage years?

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  1. Guest28147793
    IM 12 an 12 stone but it shudnt matter cuz we still have baby fat witch will go away as long as u do a bit of walking and only have sweat stuff as a treat a tip is if someone called u fat just turn round an be like at least i can lose my fat but you cant lose ur ugliness you kno YOLO have fun

  2. Guest28139697

    Im 12 and im nearly 12 stone too don't worry, im trying to loose weight because I know im too fat!

  3. Guest28087823
    I'm 13 and I'm 12 stone my life so far has been very rough I have had a number of operations on my legs to try and get me to walk normally, I am fat and have no confidence, I had to quit my dancing becacause my legs were that bad. You can do exercise so do it lose weight and look fab! You just believe in your self and you will hopefully suceed. Good luck to you and just believe in your self x*x good luck!
  4. Guest24991632

    Im 14 and 10 stone, Im always stressing about my weight,but really what we are all saying is Eat healthily and get plenty of exersize and you'll be fine! Also it depends on your height and bone structure because a Really tall person and a smaller person,even if they have the same bone structure, the taller person will weigh more right? But really you shouldn't stress about it just be happy with who you are and it doesnt matter people like you for who you are anyway not what you weigh! 

  5. Guest24990654

    if it is a natural thing dont worry to much just exersize ocazionaly and eat healthly, although its ok to eat meat and all that. if your just over weight you will NEED to exersize and eat alot lot more healtheur foods (i would recomend eating superfoods) im 12 and im 7 stone, im a rugby player and i enjoy PE at school you should to! hope that helped!

  6. Guest23094624

     Im 12 too and Im a bit embarrassed to say i weigh 12 stone too. I am obbsessed with my weight and i find the fat really hard to budge! You should try to eat healthily as i did and ma dad sed i lost a lttle weight around ma face and ma stomache. Or your bones are heavy and its just something thats natural. All These comments i have read are really nast and snide and dont think too much about them. If your tall like me (im as tall as an average 30 year old) then its natural. And also your proberbly growing too! When you have your next growth spurt, you will slim down a bit :) 

  7. Guest22684384

    errmm. well, i feel embarassed to say i am 8 stones but hey! you can lose it if u try, and if ur tall it wont matta as much. u can get there

  8. Guest22622339

    no afence but u r overweight so do alot of exesize


  9. Guest22570324

    Hey. Dont worry about what everyone else has been saying! :)

    You're perfectly fine! I would suggest some excersize though?

    But you shouldn't be feeling so down about your weight and what everyone else says...

    Im being very hypocritical because I've just turned 12 and Im almost 8 stone! :( :( :( :(

    But thats just me and my conciousness.


    Be confident! :) Dont worry, my mum is always telling me, (because I keep complaining to her bout the fat on my stomache) that when you grow, the fat will stretch with you and you'll be slim!!!! :)

  10. Guest22513866

    omg im 12 and im only 8 stone ur obese coz i would be shocked 2 see that.

  11. Guest22465594

     I am 12 and I weigh just over 7 stone however i am tall for my age, so i think it depends on your height as well as age 

  12. Guest19428123
    i am 12 years old, i am a girl and i weigh 9 stone and i was really shocked to see that but the problem is i find it hard to loose weight what should i do?
  13. Guest15168009
    The weight is really easy to lose :) you dont even have to lose weight, as long as you maintain your weight, it should all even out :)
  14. Guest14620085
    I am 12 years old too. I am also a girl. I am 163 pounds. I am not confident in my self and at skool i am very shy and have about 2 friends but only in skool. I try to do sports and loose weight but i never loose the weight. My whole family calls me fat lard,shut ur fat mouth and go away fattie. I just want to live a normal life. I have a diary full of drawings and lists of ways to die..i have also ran away for 8 days before:...what should i do to enjoy my life a lil. More??
  15. Guest11189860
    I think I'm very fat because of my belly fat but I'm twelve and I weigh 7 stone I was shocked to death when I saw that 7 but you are an obease 12 I would of die to see that.
  16. Guest10891668
    I wrote this am actually i'm a girl
  17. Sagitarion
    HI! there dear normally the average weight for a 12 year old boy is 85-100 pounds whereas your weigth is about 173 pounds which is too much for your age. Therefore I suggestion is that you should loose your weigth a bit. Thanks for visiting the site.
  18. Leonardo
    Well Sir it usually happens when you are growing and especially when you are around 12 to 18 you grow very fast. During this time mostly people got over weighted but don't worry it is the best way to gain energy. Remember something that When you are growing you should go for sports and you should take part in sports. one thing that we should recommend you that not to join weight lifting clubs. Only take part in sports like foot boll, cricket etc it is the best exercise of your growing body. hop that you have got all the necessary information about your body. Take care of yourself.

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