i REGISTERED for secondary grade teacher in kanchipuram employment exchange. My renewal date is apri

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l 2010 but it was missed how can I renewal my registration?

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  1. Guest23337851

    Dear Sir

              I was completed on 2006 MA,B.ED TAMIL Can u pls answer to me what is going on seniority of sivagangai employment office


  2. Guest23138992

     I wanna renew my employment card.Pls help me.


    D.O.B: 08/06/1988

    Registration no: 0/ 14313 /07

    Registration date:22/10/2007

    Renewal date:March -2011


  3. Guest19740575
    Respected sir/madam, I was registered my B.A., in kanchipuram employment exchange. my is W/7577/97. my card renewal has expired on sep.2003. can i renew now. Is my seniority position will affect? I request u to send me detail in my E.mail id thk you

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