hw do i look

by Akinrele Hmlayur Adeituttuh  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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hw do i look

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  1. ZZ

     Any one can answer this question of yours by having a look at you and you are no where to be seen on this page or you haven't provided any sort of link here so that anyone can see you and then tell you about how do you look.
    And besides if in case you are beautiful then i think you need not ask such a questions because when you are looking beautiful then people are naturally attracted towards you can appreciate you, you never ask any one to tell you about. And when you ask someone that how are you looking then there are most of the certain chances that he/she will lie as well because you are your self asking means that you never like to have any words which are against you. So wait for the others that they should have a complete look at you from bottom to top and then afterwards let them speak because only then they will give true remarks upon your appearance and look.
    So never ask any one never ever because if you are admirable then you will be admired and if there are any of your quality that is outstanding then it will never will left un-noticed so always have patience and you will get what you are looking for.

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