how to write a letter to your aunt?

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I love my aunt.. i want you to tell me ways through which i can write her a letter which she could keep with her safe and cherish! please tell me becuase i really dont know what and how to write it

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     Dear aunt,



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    yes agree with guest16573
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    Hand written letters is the perfect way to show gratitude towards someone. It’s very important that the letter has to be a perfect blend of love, respect, gratitude and care etc and this is totally done by using the right words. While writing a letter to your aunt it’s not important that the letter is technically correct in the right standard format (as in it could be written in a very casual manner as its just a personal note to your own) but its vital to make sure you communicate everything in a right manner. To make the letter memorable you can use color pencils and draw nice hand made designs on all the empty areas and make it as beautiful as you can. This not only adds life and more meanings to your words but also makes it very interesting for the reader to read and for them to keep it for the rest of their lives.

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