how to waterbend in real life

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how to waterbend in real life

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     You guys need to do it yourselves! No matter how stubborn you are you can only do it without cheating and concentrating yourself! 

  3. Guest27650404

    i relly need to water bend pls help me i beleve its tru helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

  4. Guest27515294

    this is all possible none should say its not

  5. Guest24857202

    i can waterbend i can really lift waterinto a bubble even tho my real element is air but i live next to a lake and i belived i could do it so if anyone wants a teacher u can contact me on and yes i no that is a g*y email :J 

    Master Jackie :J


  6. Guest24292044

    I really want to learn how to waterbend even more than katara but i don't know what to do if u know the steps can u pls help me. 

  7. Guest23881036

    hi, i want to become a waterbender, just like everybody eles here, i will try all of the techs above... but i have problems with visuilzation, do if anybody has any ideas for that... let me know. if it matters here is so info on me:

    i am a mixed 12 year old girl, i could control posibly multiple elemets with ease because i am emotional like a waterbender, creative and stubbburn like an earthbender, silly and easy to get along with and passive(i know, it contridicts stubburn) like an air bender. and im not sure about but help, please, i really want to do this, and (this is gunna sound cliche) i would even dedicate more than a lifetime to training if i have to.

  8. Guest23140699

    I want to bend all the elements send a real video teaching me how at


    p.s. dont tell me it is impossible cuz i want to bend the elements

  9. Guest22758255

    i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to waterbend help me plzzzzz.


  10. Guest22660166

    i am a water bender.... if you would like to know please follow theese steps

    1. Get ah bowl of water

    2.shake your hands rapidly infront the water

    3. concentrate and lift it up and down three times

    4. To control  your Chi breathe in & out 16 times thinking of something you like to do

    5. last..when the water rises drink it or it will explode

  11. Guest22660166

    this is all lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Guest22587018

     people say i look just like Katara . my sign is cancer so my element is water and i can waterbend. isnt tht weird?

  13. Guest22544423

    I want to waterbend, but my real element is FIRE!....i'm only a kid really. I'm scared to do anything with fire, so I took it down and started with water. The only bending I've done was with AIR and I simply built air (whatever you call it) and moved a leaf away from me. I really need help, and I do really think all of this is TRUE!

  14. Guest21779437

    "Heres what you do take a bowl  or fill your sink with water (wicth ever you decide) then concentrate as hard as you can it works better if you close your eyes now imagine you are in an ocean or you are already a water bender ans you imagine this start to raise your hands but slowly keep concentrating and when you fell like your concentrated enough open your eyes and the water should be liffting up but dont get to excited or youll lose your concentration keep practicing until your concentrated enough to not have to close you eyes then you will be able to waterbend like angg and katara."

  15. Guest21213467
    Yes, yes its possible, i'm a waterbender (well, sort of,i can only make a ripple, and once i made the water wabble) so manny people are answering in diffrent ways, it must be hard to know which ones are true and which ones are not, i'm going to tell you how to waterbend, it's up to you wether you believe me or not, i really hope you do though. First you need to do some excersises, it sounds really stupid, yeah but it really helps First, get your bowl of water (try getting rain water its much easier to bend) than imagine yourself at a place where theres lots of water, like a rock in the middle of the ocean or infront of a lake, this example is going to be using the meditation I use. so Imagine yourself sitting on a dark rain cloud, floating high above the earth with billions other clouds surrounding you (remember your ON a cloud so you won't be getting rained on), if your a girl its good to imagine your hair flapping about (i have no idea why it helps but it does)anyway, imagine theres a bowl full of rain water infront of you, now, this is the hardest part, do you know what Chi is? Chi is energy that flows through the bod you can imagine it in what ever way you like, some people imagine it as water some imagine it as fire some imagine it as thread, some imagine it as light, you chi lives inside your stomach but you can use your chi to control the elements and do other things like that, some say you can even use your chi to fly! anyway, so, this next part is what you do in your meditation AND in real life, have your hands hovering just above the water and imagine your chi flowing from you stomach and spliting and then out through your arms (please try NOT to let the chi go through your heart)and flowing into your fingers, let the energy flow out of your finger tips and into the water (imagine your chi as what ever colour you like) make sure youve filled the bowl completely with chi and that you KEEP THE FLOW GOING as you lift your hands slowly and try to lift the water, NEVER try to make a ripple when your a beginner, ALWAYS aim to LIFT the water, even if the water just ripples when you try, when you just aim to make a ripple, you'll never know if you were about to lift it, so always aim to LIFT the water, this way just works a WHOLE lot better, Just keep trying again and again
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    i also want to waterbend. can some one please help me.

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