how to use riot shield and knife in ps3 modern warfare 2

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I do not know how to use riot shield and knife in modern warfare for ps3, can you tell me how to use them.

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    The Riot Shield in Modern Warfare two is a surprising attachment to a Call of Duty game. Used well it can rack you upward a lot of kills, but more importantly, aid your team to obtain that win.
    Riot Shields have more employs than just earning a nuisance of you or having a laugh in Team Death Match. They are best accustomed in aim game breeds like capture the Flag or Sabotage. Riot Shields supply the ideal mobile wrap for you, and maybe a team-mate, to sneak upward and grasp that aim right in front of your enemies’ faces. When you are heading rear with the flag, the Riot Shield can also wrap your back. Switch to your minor and the shield shall cease the bullets from the citizens pursuing you hammering your back.
    First thing you desire is to have a good class for the Riot shield. This is likely the best one right here.
    Primary Weapon: Riot Shield
    Secondary Weapon: Any shotgun that you like
    Equipment: Throwing blade (if you’re good with it) or Blast Shield if not
    Special Grenades: Stuns
    Perk 1: Marathon
    Perk 2: Lightweight
    Perk 3: Commando

    Repeat these steps while using riot shield with thronging knife:
    Riot shield with tac insertion
    sleight of hand
    danger close
    steady aim
    Hope this will help you, I have always try this and it really works. Best of luck

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