how to turn yourself into a mermaid in just one day

by Guest9952790  |  8 years, 9 month(s) ago

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i am 9 years old and ive tryed spells for two months now can somebody give me a recipe for a potion.

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  1. Guest28166798

     I'm a mermaids but at my school I always get wet what do I do?!!!!

  2. Guest28166657

    ok so im a mermaid already and im a ice mermaid with a blue tail i have red hair but you will never see me :(sorry little girls.ok so all you have to say in the bathtub is water water come a live make a thee become a mermaid of a coler of (        ) and a nice sweet animal lover:) say that if you want to be a mermaid hint:be with your frineds:)and on a full moon.:warning:a necklace will a pear dont do anything it will be the coler of pink and whatever your tail coler is with a chram mermaid but you have to belive 10000%percent your welcome:)

  3. Guest28162468

     Hello. I want to be a mermaid. So can you please tell me a spell that works for real? Please!

  4. Guest28100668

    i want to be a mermaid I want to say these words: I want to be a mermaid my power are I can talk to fish the tail colour is blue as I want to be a mermaid .

    I say this at the moon so you no where yo say it.  

  5. Guest28084357

    Is it really true that you can become one of these amazing things i have watched all the H2O shows and i really think i am obessed so any way can u turn your self in to a mermaid and then when dry have your own legs back???? i would really enjoy haveing a really tail and being able to swim i love the water and rather spend more time thre then any where else so please any one just right a REAL... WORKING ... SPELL  on here

  6. ccmalls26


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  7. Guest27917773

     e-mail me at to get a spell

  8. Guest27904835
    • h hi it's me again and everyone in my schook know about me because it rained :-(

  9. Guest27903307

     help! my legs are green and I can't walk and they hurt oh so much! it just started! ow ow ow ow ow omg it just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the? I am am mermaids hahahahahahahaha I can turn water into jelly and then harden it !!!!!!!!!!omg, oh no! I have school tomorrow! help. and people, mermaids are real!!!!!!!!


  10. wholemkt14


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  11. Guest27857086

    So, I have a spell, well not exactly a spell but......anyways, say this:

    deep blue sea of all kinds, make me what is meant for me, a mermaid, for thee, and any tiny drop shall change me!a human when wet, a mermaid when dry, and a power of (       ) and a tail color of (     ) Krasio Krasio krasio!

    say this in the bathtub, and wear some type of jelery from the torso and above. Side effects:

    itchy legs

    hair increse

    shaky legs

    tingly legs

    shaky arms

    wanting to be in water a lot

    you will get a power. most mermaids come from ancient latin, sdo, look up the latin word for mermaid, say it three times on a full moon, and that was my other thing that i just thought of. This will work for everybody, BUT ONLY IF YOU 100% BELIEVE! TRY THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Guest27790617

     Ok everyone listen up i believe in mermaids and if you have asked how long a mermaid can live? were here you go the answer they could live up to 500 years and each year how older you get your tail willl change you dont get to pick it well probably only your tail color ok. Ok so theres this thing you have to do to become a mermaid well here it goes.

    1. Go Outside in the Night (NO spell)

    2. Get a cup of Water

    3. Believe to turn into a mermaid (Have to be touching water while saying this) (Make sure to wear shorts)

    4. Now say '' Oh please, i begg you i have waited all my life i want a tail and be like that! thats all i wish for nothing else but may you please give me a tail at the touch of water by shiny tail will come out but i have to wait while my scales come out! Now please i begg you god and spririts can you please give me a tail i want to become a mermaid and thats all i want to be! so please may you please give me what i want, i want a tail please i will protect the sea and i wont tell no one but the persons i trust now please!!! I wish to be one and i will do as you want nothing bad but please give me the tail i want!''

    5. Now you spill the water on your legs and keep it there all night don't cover your self let it dry itself!!!

  13. Guest27474698

     Will somebody please tell me something to make me a mermaid I know how to swim like one

  14. Guest27277796

    f**k I DONT KNOW

  15. Guest27277790

    hey cool down! my friend is one and on the full moon you loose control.if water touches you then u automaticcly transorm into one.the hurting WILL stop!p.s. im 11 years old

  16. Guest27264725

    im a mermaid and ill tell you guys how to turn to one i will get in trouble but i dont care get into a bathtub put much water as possible pour salt into the water then put seashells trust me put your underwear on or you will feel the pain then say this(i want a tale not two legs please or ill cry to deth)say it while closing your eyes IF IT DOESENT WORK YOU HAVE TO DO s*x WITH A OTHER PERSON WHO BELIVES IN THEM bye~aquamarin


  17. Guest25888123


  18. Guest25014665
    1. what the f**k no one is a....
  19. Guest24994022

    hey im tring this spell and its a full moon  so bye ill tell u if it works sis is out piece

  20. Guest24993188

    i have tryed the spell that guest22575444 gave me and i have got some of the side affectes and i will tell u whene i get my tail


  21. Guest24985592

    well im a mermaid  and i did a posen...
    1.u need sea water coloring for ur tail
    3.and have to be in water have to be full moon
    i try this amd i work now u try it and it will work on u to



  22. lels88


  23. bhmks


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  28. lyls85

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  29. lsly35

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  30. Guest24921642

    i am nine too! i dont know a potion but if you say witches for one witches for all dont slam me to the wall. Wish i may have the power to ______________ the water. Please dont make it hotter. Hope this helps!

  31. bfhrbgjnfhd

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  32. Guest24768895

    I maade my owne spell it might be forbitten but it will work some times it u do it rit it takes at 1 or 2 days of side effects if u say it wrong u will be cursed 4 ever by the way my name is amy toth p.s here is the spell mermaids I wish 2 be with uyou then the color of ur tail you have to say the spell five times in the bath tube a then hurry and dry your selfs off p.s it works on girls onley i instley be came a mermaid and youdont have to were a necklace or any thing just belive

  33. Guest24366995

    listen who is with me that the ppl  that dont belive in mermaids are werird and crazey and have no beliveing in them!!!!!

  34. Guest24238386

    hi its me agian and my legs feet bean hurting for weeks aqnd schools going to start help and my legs feet have been iching to and in water mmy feet grow to the size of a mermaid fin help me please im scard.

  35. ZZ

     Mermaid are just a fantasy and there is no reality behind. No one can convert into one and you won't see one in you life ever. So please stop this issue because there are no grounds behind this concept. These stories are made to entertain kids and when they grow up they start thinking about such stories as real.

  36. Guest24186453

    i want to be a mermaid sooooooooooo bad but i havent found a spell that will work will some ! please just put a spell on if you REALLY turned into a mermaid. Please post a spell/potion!!

  37. Guest23978007

    What is the posion to be a mermaid?Please give it to me when can.Thankyou!

  38. Guest23945431

    hi its me agian and im rubimg my legs and they fell like they have scales help me.

  39. Guest23944347

    hi im new and need help i did a spell and it took two hours to turn into a mermaid and my legs r icty

    and my feet hurt. p.s im a mermaid and need help about it cause this is my first time and im scared

  40. Guest23941180
    • ik a spell to turn into a meraid btw u get ur powers first then u get a tail mine hasnt came yet o_o ok i have a youtube account and i made a video on goanimate and the name is called : mermaid spells said by phones O_O. ok and it will tell u alll the spells ik and good lukc :3

  41. Guest23908628

    Hey I am a mermaid, but there is not really a spell! I was born a mermaid, and given to humans. I recommend you sing songs in the water and hope! And know they are real, do not not belive! Oh and sing songs with the beingining Magic spirets of the deep, and go on that you want to become a mermaid I will try to grant your wish 

  42. Guest23887603
    Ok im sorry to say this little girl but im only eleven and I kno that u cant turn into a mermaid get help
  43. Guest23887578

    How can I be a Mermaid without side effects and not be hipnotised by the full moon and I can transform when ever I want?P.s How long can a Mermaid live and how do you turn back to a human forever?Thank you.~Emily

  44. Guest23887437

    How can I turn into a Mermaid when ever I want some one please answer.P.s How long can Mermaid live and how can you turn back to a human after being a Mermaid. Thank you ~Emily

  45. Guest23673473

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease tell me a spell that really works.


  46. Guest23620954

    i tried fa years its not possible every one sike i no a way ok:look at a hot naked mermaid and hump it tada

  47. Guest23311491

    oh and u can choose ur power and color of ur tail :)

  48. Guest23311491

    is there anyone who can give me a spell tht will 4 SURE work?im starting this thing with my friends and its a secret but u have 2 be a mermaid but we cant find the rite spells tht work :( plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!! help us :{ can anyone tell me a spell tht will turn u into a mermaid tht works and u dont have 2 touch water 2 transform ur tail after u do the spell

  49. Guest23296917

    i did 2 spells i get the side effects everyday they hurt and itch you have to at least know how to cast a spell to have the side efects but be warned they come right away im already getting my legs stuck together and its only been 5 days

  50. Guest23296308

    well if one can turn into a mermaid by a spell then if anyone knos can the tell a way to turn into a vampire


    pls only if it works

  51. Guest23225334





  52. Guest23179629

    p**p  and p**s on your self

  53. Guest23132524

    someone call me im nicole my number is 1-937-828-1364 and give me a way to become a mermaid thanks

  54. Guest23097590

    omg i have a magic pochin that relly works i play fantage my username is lisamisa1 and add me on fantage and then we can chat on how to make the pochin.

  55. Guest22947079

    please  call   my   number   it  is  256  538-3252   please   call   it   i   really   want   to   be   a


  56. Mitchel

    Mermaids are mythological creatures, they have no real existance. Its next to impossible to become a mermaid. Mermaids are only found in imaginative fairy tales, they are greatly admired by young girls, who desire to transform in to enchanting  fish humans. But there is no possible way, that a human can transform in to a mermaid and that too in just one day.

  57. Guest22780742

     Ok another way is to write your own spell, go under water and repeat it four times. Mine was 



  58. Guest22811566

    hi guys i do believe in mermaids the most weirdest thing happen to me i like found this orange thing on me 

  59. Guest22809483

     okay, i want to be a mermaid too! plzz help!

  60. Guest22735034

     ok, i have a question for Guest22575444 or anyone else who can answer me this:

    will you be a mermaid PERMANENTLY or only when you touch water?? 

  61. Guest22639507

    I made up this spell .It realy works.First you have to be with a friend who belives in mermaids,then you get in water(it realy does not mater but i think that a pool is more comfterble)then say ,I AM NOT A HUMAN I'M A MERMAID,I DON'T HAVE LEGS I HAVE A TAIL,I DON'T HAVE FEET I HAVE FINNS,I DON'T HAVE LUNGS I HAVE GILLS,I'M NOT A HUMAN I'M A MERMAID.You should do it at night because it takes a few hours and sleeping will pass the time.


  62. Guest22580554


    i have just tried it... ive seen the h2o girls and i prayed everyday to god... ofc didnt work. my trust is in your hands!! i believe you... please dont be lying!

  63. Guest22579935

    So did any of you tryed the spell?

  64. Guest22575444

    Okay here is a REAL working spell it works for everybody!!! okay here is the spell:

    Insouciant inclemency Redoubtable mediocracy Refutable humanity Make me what I wish to be... A MERMAID,Witches one and witches all give this power to me (YOU MUST HAVE SOMETHING ON YOUR UPPER BODY LIKE EYES,HAIR,ECT.) This spell really works (I had 234 cheers on this spell) It makes you like one of the H20 girls.It takes about one month for a full tail to come when you touch water (Even a tiny drop will change you.) Whatever you do DO NOT SAY THIS WHILE DRY!!!!! You don't have to be in the bath,shower,pool,or ocean while you say this. Some part of you just have to be wet. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SAY THIS ON A FULL MOON, which is july 18th just don't look at it or you will regret looking at it (after saying the spell)

    After saying the spell this spell you will probably have side effect(s)

    - Legs changing color/getting itchy,tingly,ect.



    -Diffculty breathing

    - Coughing fits when in water

    -Being able to breathe in water/hold your breathe longer

    -Ramdom anger

    -scales appearind on your skin

    -Gills appearing on your neck or under your armpits (I know that sounds gross)

    -Legs sticking together or wanting to be together

    -legs crossing by themselfs

    -Constant thirst even after drinking LOTS of drinking


    - Wanting to touch or be in water

    Well thats all so your tail color is not what you choose the spell chooses for you. I don't know the colors you might be getting or the powers its just a RAMDOM choose ( oh boys can do this spell to.) Mergirl is out PEACE and enjoy your tail!! :)

  65. Guest22521732

    Listen, i have tried the SAME THING!! i want to be one so badly my friend Aly had this spell she tried and she got all the side affects. we both went into the pool her legs were cramping and when i took her out her legs looked like they had sclaes under them we were so excited. then two months later she went in the pool and her legs were sticking together the next day she went back in popped a tail! ( i saw this and she still doesnt know that i know this) i would feel really weird to ask her a spell for it b/c then she will know tht i am suspicoius and if she finds out i know she will no longer be my friend so plzz tell me a spell tht um ACTUALLY WORKS..!!

  66. Guest22440553

    okay now people can u give me a real spell


  67. Guest22394077

    i have just tried a spell and i am getting the side affects wish me luck :)!!!!


  68. Guest22384743

    can some1 plz tell me which 1 works- so i dont hav 2 try all of them?

  69. Guest22384412

    make up ur own spells 0r/and- keep dreaming everynight about mermaids! (2 get yourself 2 dream about somthing, just keep on thinking about it at night- cuz thats how i get my self 2 dream about something)

    hope it works- never hav tried!!

  70. Guest22349172

    I want to become a mermaid so much and i would b eso greatful for anyone who has a spell1


  71. Guest22340328

    i dont blive nothing of this i have tried it and it has never worked......................dough cause its fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz stop lying and tell me the real spell:):(

  72. Guest22069205

    hi im a merman prince and i can give you the spell but i might get in trouble so ill  post it on friday ok.  but come to my kingdom in the artic ocean.


  73. Guest21946960

    Hello everyone!

    I am a real mermaid I love your world to become a mermaid like me you need to bath in water,porridge and milk and as you sit in the bath say moonlight moonlight shine on me and when you wake up in the morning be prepared to become a fish like me hope to see you in the beautiful ocean too and also please encourage people not to drop rubbish in the ocean it kills all the mermaids and animals and by the way we are not made up!

  74. Guest21944291

    you have to have a bath whith egg

  75. Guest21779034

    Look I Dont Think You Can Turn Yourself Into A Mermaid Cant You People Just Be Happy For What You Have!!

  76. Guest21779034

    Look I Dont Think You Can Turn Yourself Into A Mermaid Cant You People Just Be Happy For What You Have!!

  77. Guest21732779

    really do any of these speels work. :):):)

  78. Guest19594461
    I've got one try this put on a neklace get in some blessed bath water and have a drawing of what tail you want now get in the water lay the picture on your legs and say:" I want a tail now please spirts give it to me." now when ever you where the nekless you will be a mermiad. By Cole Cooper
  79. Guest19373044
    ok guest16209827 did the spell actully work cuz i'v been on youtube and none of the spells work so plz can u be the bes girl of boy and tell the truth i diden't try the spell yes i just want to know ok text back THX BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Guest19282231
    Du nimmst also das rezept ist: eine schuppe von einem fisch,mit ein bisschen haut von dir zerkleinern und danach zusammen rühren.Dann nimmst du wasser was sehr magisch istund rührst es zusammen.Jetzt nimmst du noch ein bisschen blut von dir und einem fisch und rührst es zusammen und fertig ist der zaubertrank
  81. Guest19047403
    please help i dont know what to do my best best friend did the spells with me and she btrayed me and she kept being nasty to me... and i have got my tail and powers she aint got nofin yet what shall i do??? (please answer my e-mail adress is thnxz byeeeeee by the way my real name is britneyiaa rose bennett but htey call me britney for short ok thnxz byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i havnt made a mistake its 2 a's ok thnxz byeeeeeeee
  82. Guest16779233
    No it is impossible to turn your self into a mermaid. If you would consider the fact that humans are mammals and do not have gills, a mermaid would still have lungs just like a whale which are also mammals. So mermaids would not be able to hold their breath for more than two minuets or so at a time whales have a large capacity lungs and are able to take in enough air at a time to go down for an hour or so, if they did not come up for air they would drown too. So logically there is no such thing as mermaids, and no spells or magic that will turn you into one. Besides if you came up every 2 min someone would have seen one by now. duh. P.S. If you are a child, which I hope most of you are because adults should know better. Be careful who you talk to on this website do not give others your email address DO NOT MEET with anyone. These are websites dangerous adults go on to look to meet kids. They are not your friend, please do not give anyone any of your contact information.
  83. Guest16779233
    No it is impossible to turn your self into a mermaid. If you would consider the fact that humans are mammals and do not have gills, a mermaid would still have lungs just like a whale which are also mammals. So mermaids would not be able to hold their breath for more than two minuets or so at a time whales have a large capacity lungs and are able to take in enough air at a time to go down for an hour or so, if they did not come up for air they would drown too. So logically there is no such thing as mermaids, and no spells or magic that will turn you into one. Besides if you came up every 2 min someone would have seen one by now. duh
  84. Guest16742081
    Well... you gotta to believe
  85. Guest16209827
    Okai, you could try real wishes, OR use my solution. My way = put on your fave necklace or bracelet (or ring, but that is less likely to work) then run the bath with warm water, turn the lights off/close the curtains, close the door (and lock it if u can) light candles then put them on the edges of the bath. put bubbles in the water and wash your hair with honey. then go under water for 10 seconds and say a spell of your choice. Mine was: CREATURES OF THE DEEP HEAR ME AS I SPEAK MAKE ME WHAT I WANNA BE A MERMAID I WANT THE POWER TO ... AND THE TAIL COLOUR OF ... AND I WILL TRANSFOR AFTER 16 SECONDS It worked for me, now I am a mermaid. I can boil things and my tail and bra color is aqua. NOTE: you must believe really hard when doing this!! hope i helped and sorry if this was to long to read.
  86. Guest16113149
  87. Guest15797195
    well you guys u never know for sure if you cant turn ur self into a memaid but i shis some day i could be one and all of you guys and girls wanting to be one to at least for a wile but if any one knows a spell for sure e-mail me k thanx and i didnt for get about you guys and girls that want to be mermaids and mermans so if i find a spell that works for sure ill send it to u ppl to.
  88. Guest15657308
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to turn yourself into a mermaid. Sorry kid. (P.S. If you do find one, tell it to e-mail me!)
  89. Guest15657125

    make up your own spells or go to and i'm 15 years old too!

  90. Guest15617204
    Say this spell it will work, oh and at the end, i'll tell you the rules: Mermaid queens and Mermen kings, rulers of the sea, make me a mermaid. Appear in my dream tonight when i'm vast asleep, and tell me if i am worthy to become one of you. Mermaid to be forever, take the spell away never. THANK YOU! p.s. Here are the rules: 1. 1 shell 2. 1 ring 3. 2 earrings 4. 1 cup o' water 5. put water in the shell 6. When your done saying the spell, drink the water from the shell.
  91. Guest15521544


  92. Guest15066119
    What happens when you wash yor hands??
  93. Guest15066119
    What happens when you wash yor hands??
  94. Guest14954076
    we put in sugar,milkand creamchee
  95. Guest14665711
    ok guys plz dont lie about this stuff if u r because me and alot of other ppl would really love to turn inn to a mermaid or merman so no liein plz
  96. Guest12776375
    yes iv done some resaerch and i found this one simple potion honey,oats,oil,soda grape,and some choclate shavings but be carefull too much will turn you into a mermaid/man FOREVER!!!!!!!!!
  97. Guest12476283
    this is what you do,take your shoes off. Get your legs wet. Hold a bracelet of any kind. Then wait one day,and your hair must reach your elboe. Then keep your legs together for 1 minute. The next day you need to go to a pool or place with lots of water and say "I am tired of being on ground I want to swim. 'I want to swim and have a tail for water. Give me my wish that I can be a mermaid. Then you should rise up out of the water with water around you and you will be a mermaid(this will also work if you want to be a merman)You can also wet your self all over and turn into a mermaid forever
  98. Guest12276906
    just dance and think oh and keep dreamin
  99. Guest12276906
    date a mermam than ask him to turn u into a mergal
  100. Guest11710702
    If you have a spell please send spell to me
  101. Guest11710702
    Make up a spell
  102. Guest11070157
    does it matter whAT COLOR YOU ARE
  103. Guest10496414
    i did it but it didnt work do you now eney more spells
  104. Guest10292842
    if u want 2 turn into a mermaid get in the shower and wear your favorite neclace,ring or bracelet and say this spell 10 times: magic spirits of the deep,give me a tail,not to feet,beauty be hold me,fish all kinds,let me see,when im finished in the sea,my feet reaturn to me.
  105. Guest10158314
    waiy the full moon
  106. Guest10155201
    i tried this one before. it worked but for only 3 days. it was amazing being a mermaid! i had a power. it was to bend the water. i asked my brother to stand i the shower with just his clothes on. i made the water come out of the faucet and tied him up! i held him there 4 about 15 minutes. he as so scared that he didn't tell anyone! but he was only 4 yrs old. so it was really cool and fun!!!
  107. Guest9966895
    say thius poem: moonlight moon lite you make me want ot scream moonlight moonlight you make me want to beam you wake me up at night time you go away at dawn moonlight moonlight please dont go ps: only say it when there is a full moon say it out you window.

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