how to stop message light from blinking on uniden dect 6.0

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how to stop message light from blinking on uniden dect 6.0

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  1. Guest28425682

    My yellow light had been blinking for a long time. After reading a lot of the responses, I started looking for the "FIND" button. Once you take the cordless phone off its base, the "FIND" button was a black round button (about the size of a dime (coin) located in the back of the base where the phone rest.  I found the "FIND" button, held it for a few seconds and the blinking yellow light went off. -- WOW! it worked.


  2. Guest28263706
    Advance Settings
    VMWI reset
    That cleared it for me.
    VMWI is the visual message waiting indictor
    or the annyoying blinking light when you actually don't have any messages.
  3. Guest28233462

    I never could fix this, so I just covered the blinking little red light with a bit of electrical tape.  I no longer see it, the phone works fine, and I ignore the fact it's there.



  4. Guest28096722

    Thank YOU Gurest 20583175.    The only problem i had with your directions was that I have no 'FIND' button.   I have a button on the base were the phone sits to recharge..   i held it for a few seconds and 'wallah"!!    All better.   The phone miraculously survived too..   it had an unscheduled 'FLIGHT'  across the room and into the wall this morning!  haha

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  6. Guest28091498

     THANK YOU, IT WORKED FOR ME!  Guest 24948980

  7. Guest27904789

    can someone please tell me how to getrid of this annoying flushing red light and how do i get the number showing on the base to stop from going up one number at a time and stop flushing ? thank you.



  8. Guest24987946

    I tried calling from my cell phone and left a message. Then I deleted the message and the light stopped blinking

  9. Guest24948980

    On the DECT 6.0 that I have, I had to go to the Menu | Global Setup | VMWI Reset  on the Handset. That finally got rid of it. It's amazing how a little light can bug so much!! :)


  10. Guest22846628

    I left myself a message.  Then deleted it and that worked to remove the VM blinking light.

  11. Guest22621388

    We had switched to fios and part of the package was free voice mail- which we were not made aware of. They re- routed our messasages to a free VM box and we were not aware of it. Our blinking red light meant we had an outside VM source. Once I called Verizon and had them cancell the free voicemail box, we started getting messages on our answering machine again and that stupid light quit blinking.

  12. Guest22586421

    I took the battery out of my phone and put it back in and it worked fine.

  13. Guest22549237

    worst part is the manual has no solution..... anyways ur call is cool..... best soln

  14. Guest22545320

     your good thanks

  15. Guest22513838

    YES!!!!  Finally figured this out!  So annoying that stoooopid red light was!  Thank you for the help!

  16. Guest21687023

    OH MY GOD, THANK YOU.  That stupid flashing light was so infuriating.  No amount of message deleting, handset-setup-changing or expletive spewing got that blinky little b*****d to stop, but your magic "FIND button" trick worked!  Please give yourself a righteous high-five on my behalf.

  17. Guest20872443
    This worked for me - THANK YOU!!
  18. Guest20583175
    If the VM symbol is present next to the battery indicator, then the phones Voice Mail feature is out of sync, ( no message ) and needs to be reset. It varies from models, but on mine, I press and hold the "FIND" button on the base unit for 5 seconds. It clears in about 4. On other models you may need to go into the set up menu. Look under global settings and VMI reset.

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