How to sell my art works?

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Hey there I am a new artist and want to sell my art. But I do not know how to sell my art works. I am relatively known in my area, but the problem is all the time the same it is really hard to find buyers here for more than original art work, can you give me some good ideas for be able to sell more and for more money? Thank. Diane Tremblay. St-Luc, Quebec, Canada.

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    Hi Diane,

    You said in your message that you are relatively well-known in your area of Quebec. That can be a good thing; it can also work to your disadvantage. There is an old saying that a prophet is never recognized in his own home.

    If you're not getting the prices you want for your work and believe you have exhausted your market, perhaps it's time need to explore new territories. Before you make a move, I would strongly suggest you read my book Art Gallery Safari: Bagging the Big Once. Many of the pitfalls that the artist encounters happen early in the game.

    Then, you might research the art galleries that I have linked to at ArtStruck. Once you have chosen your target art dealers, by looking at the style, sizes and directions of the work they are dealing go over to and peruse their site. They set the standards for all the others.

    The ideal gallery will have 24 artists and one dealer per city is the norm. You have to be prolific enough to keep up the dealer's requirements for an inventory and the demand for your work.

    The Laws of Supply and Demand is one factor that could be affecting your prices. If there is a lack of a particular item and a large demand for it the higher the cost of that item. Conversely, if there is an abundance of an item and fewer people want that item, the price will be lower.

    The art market, although it combines the arena of ideas as well as a product follow the basic laws of business.

    If you take the dealer route, you will find that your prices will increase. The dealer will raise them to what the market will bear and will take a hefty percentage, but the percentage should be used to promote you, the artist.

    However, the prices that are determined by your stature as an artist, the shows you've been in, (group & solo), the collections in which your work is a part and your reviews, in my opinion, are worth the dealer's commission.

    If you prefer to represent yourself, and that is something you will have to decide in considering the time and materials in self-promotion, you might want to consider finding a niche for your work.

    For instance, if you are a fine painter of horses, you might find a niche among horse breeders. You could find them by attending their shows, networking and plain old word of mouth.

    Many artists have found niche marketing very rewarding and whichever road you take, I wish you much sucess at every bend and turn.


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