how to put your moshi monsters happiness up?

by Guest16781017  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I havent been on Moshi Monsters in ages. When I finally went on again my Monster was miserable. How do I put her happiness up?

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  1. Guest23142551

    Moshi Monsters Corporation

    Guest No. 21285259 Is Right.

  2. Guest23124763

    you need to play games.If you go to puzzle castle to play games the more puzzles you do the more rox you will earn.Rox are currency of Monstro city when you have enough Rox you can then go and buy things the more things you buy the happier your pet will be another way is to play games and than way you will earn rox then buy some food , feeding your pet will make it happier keep everything (health and happiness) above 600 and you should be alright

  3. Guest23124549

     i think  if you make more rox h**l get happer

  4. Guest21285259
    Try not to leave your Moshi Monster alone for ages.
  5. Guest19162299
    maybe you can win a new level and he will be happy.

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