how to make my skullcrushers produce bass

by Guest16507917  |  10 years, 7 month(s) ago

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My skullcrushers have stoped producing bass just all of a sudden. I have tryed everything I could to fix the issue and nothing. Do I need new ones?

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  1. Guest22531398

     well on the headphone line/cord is the subwoofer and if you look along the sides you will find a switch that says on or off and if you switch it to on itll be... on. but then, theres a turning wheel on the other side and you turn towards max or min depending on how much bass you want. also, for extra bass, you can set your ipod's EQ to bass booster. 

    p.s. when i say side of the subwoofer i mean the skinny sides not the flat side.

    hope this helps!

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