how to make a virgin c*m

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how to make a virgin c*m

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  1. Guest17868173
    finger them or toss them off
  2. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, I don't think you should worry about it too much... enjoy the fact that she is a virgin, but don't take too many extra measures to ensure that you don't hurt her. The best s*x is natural s*x, when you're just being yourself, and doing your thing. If you've been with as many girls as you claim, then you've probably been with a virgin or two who simply didn't tell you they hadn't had s*x before... And the whole "hurts first time" is exaggerated... if she's well lubricated, sexually excited, and if you start with fingers and tongues, she won't be in pain from your c**k going inside her. Except in extreme cases, the pain is usually brief anyway, and is often attributed to the hymen breaking when in fact most hymens are broken long before virginity is lost. If her hymen has not been broken, then she will bleed. That is unavoidable. But in order to make her enjoy the s*x, I recommend getting her ready properly, by doing this to make her excited: ORAL s*x (CUNNILINGUS): In order to make a girl go crazy using your mouth, this is what I recommend: Remember every girl is different, so you may wish to vary the style, speed, and force with which you perform oral upon her. These are just some general pointers that work for *most* women, not all. And remember, it's all about the WAY you do what you do. Be s**y about it. Be into it, be passionate, and above all, be receptive to her body language and what she asks you to do and responds to. Start by breathing over her p***y, and her thighs. Kiss her inner thighs softly at first, maybe l**k on them and suck on them in different places. Run your tongue along them towards her p***y, but don't touch it. Kiss above her p***y (especially if she's shaved) and l**k and tease the area above her clitoris. Make sure your mouth and tongue are really wet. When you've teased her to the point where she's squirming and moaning a little, or telling you to start l*****g the p***y itself, then it's time to move your head right between her legs, and position your lips and tongue directly over her clitoris (if she hasn't already pushed your head down there). At first l**k the clitoris softly (make sure your mouth is wet) and slowly, not much force, just teasingly, delicately. Kiss it. Kiss it passionately, the way you kiss her mouth. Caress it with your lips and tongue. Don't forget to interject kissing and l*****g her inner thighs and l*****g her labia as a variation. l**k her hole, too. Slip your tongue into her hole. If she likes that, slide your tongue in and out of her hole, like it's a c**k. Do that forcefully, but don't hurt her. l**k her a*s, if you can get to it. For that, l*****g from behind is the best, when she's on all fours. l**k around her a*s, around the rim, and then slide your tongue inside (if you dare!). Don't do
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