how to increase alexa ranking of my web site

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how to increase alexa rank of my web site for traffic, search analytics

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  1. albertson12

    A small and useful toolbar that measures any current websites Alexa Rank. In order to give or receive Alexa Rank credit the tool bar doesn’t have to be Alexa only, but as long as Alexa is included it will benefit the user. Alexa also offers a simple editor to make your own Alexa Toolbar which you can advertise to your visitors, the more visitors that download your toolbar, the faster your rank will increase.

  2. TedSmiths

    Just make sure your submission sites you are using with is a do-follow site.

    But in my opinion, Alexa Ranking has no bearing nowadays.

    I used to question this before but i had already heard from my managers that don't put too much effort on it.

    This website is currently i am working with.

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