how to get exit from saudi

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dear all,

i have completed my contract with my company(manpower) almost, my company not ready to give me exit (they r not my sponsor).my company and my sponsor have a agreement. my sponsor is only getting some fixed monthly charges for me. i am working in construction field in hourly basis (50/- sr). all my money they r keeping & giving me 20 persent of that (fixed ).

my contrat is like vacation after 23 month & duration 24 month.

now they r giving me 500 sr increment which is not acceptable to me.they r ready to send me for vacation as my marriage is on 13 june 2010.

i ask tham to give me exit, they straight away told me no.i ask tham that i will speek to my sponsor they worned me to not do this. and also tey r not giving my vacation salary while going they r say after you come back take it.

i am in big proble, i am a qualified mech engineer. i want to come back in free visa or in any good company. but these people are closing all the gate to enter in saudi except them.

i can not go to labour court as i have no to much time remaining as i already told u people that my marriage is fixed 13 june 2010.

so pls suggest me how should i proceed, presently i am in jubail.


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