how to get around blue coat k9 web protection

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if you know the email and can get into it for the temporarry pass will it change the existing pass or will the original one still work




  1. Sash

     K9 is not antivirus, anti-spam or firewall software. K9 is a Web filter that determines where the computer user can go inside your Web browser. You use K9 in conjunction with other antivirus, anti-spam or firewall products from vendors such as Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec, ZoneLabs, Microsoft and others. As part of the Blue Coat Community Outreach Program, K9 Web Protection is free for home use and this technology is continuously upgraded on your computer to fight malware in real time
    To get K9 Web Protection, follow these steps:
    - You will need a license key. Simply fill in the K9 Web Protection License Requestand you will receive an email, within five minutes.
    - Follow the instructions in the email you receive. Copy the license key from the email and paste it into the field presented to you during the installation process.

  2. katewinslate

    This could be harmful for your computer so you should download registry cleaner that will remove any type of harmful thing from your computer.




  3. Guest15265697
    go to regedit and remove everything under blue coat name. be careful though it can be very dangerous remove somthing et could shut down ur whole computerr.
  4. Guest13366428
    Format Hard Drive
  5. Guest12907930
    ummm help me i hate this k9 stuff i try to use proxy websites but it pops up as PROXY AVOIDANCE it sucks only thing that seemed to work for me was the number url encryption code for youtube nothing else works
  6. Guest11690704
    the real password will still work, and any1 who enters the real password or the substitue 1 will gain access

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