how to get a valid windows 7 home premium product key

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I have installed windows 7 Home premium but I don't have a valid windows 7 home premium product key to activate it. Anyone please tell me where how can I get a valid windows 7 home premium product key.

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    If you receive an error that your product key is not valid after installing Windows 7, it could be for the pursuing reasons:
    • You might have mistyped your product key. Try retyping it.
    • You might be engaging a product key that doesn't fit the version of Windows 7 that's installed on your computer. Check the product key to generate sure it is for the publication that you are endeavoring to activate. You can't exercise a product key for Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) to rally a duplicate of Windows 7 without SP1.
    • The product key is for an upgrade publication of Windows 7 and a beforehand publication of Windows wasn't on your computer when Windows 7 was installed. To install an upgrade publication of Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP must be installed on your computer. If you formatted the convey in the past commencing the installation process, you won't be able to exercise the upgrade product key to activate Windows 7. To activate Windows 7, you'll deficiency to install your beforehand publication of Windows, and afterward reinstall Windows 7.
    I recommend that you install Windows 7 with your existing publication of Windows running. If you want to format the hard convey, and you are engaging an upgrade publication of Windows 7, you'll deficiency to commence your computer engaging the Windows 7 installation disc or a USB flash convey, click Custom (advanced), and afterward click Drive choices (advanced).
    To substantiate your product key, facade for the product key sticker on your computer or interior the Windows package or in a confirmation e mail if you purchased and downloaded Windows 7 online.
    If you immobile can't pinpoint your product key, you might deficiency to pay for a novel one to activate Windows. You can pay for an other duplicate of the same edition of Windows 7, which contains a product key that you can use.
    If you're unable to enter a product key without bringing an fault outcome, you can withdraw the box empty and click Next, or you can click Skip. This will sanction you to final view setup, but your duplicate of Windows 7 won't be activated. You must activate Windows within 30 days of installation. The product key will not be valid if you're running a non-genuine duplicate of Windows.

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