how to get a shiny pokemon on pokemon diamond

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I have tried so hard but the thing is i dont get any proper answers and also it is realy hard for me to get the same pokemon 40 times the highest for me is 13 and iv tried to get a shiny for 2 years know so if you could please help me please!!!




  1. Guest24924368

    Action replay can be bad for your ds, I never knew that and now my screen is sometimes unbearable to look at. But I guess something so good has to have it's side effects xD Get a free action replay at:  

    Do offers, get points and then redeem for action replay if you don't want to buy it with money! It's simple and easy.

    Another way to getting shinies is via trading, shiny owners love to have EV trained pokemon so you should work hard!

  2. Arina

    I would highly recommend reading this

    Its the best ways to getting a shiny to appear, or catching one and to date its the best methods out there so far.

    There is always hacking or using an action replay but if your going for catching it without the use of that stuff then that link most likely will be your best bet.

    I hope the link helps and good luck catching your shiny pokemon =D

  3. Guest22198155

     first meathod!: keep looking on patches of grass

    Second: egg meathod : put 2 pokemon in daycare(1 female 1 male able to breed together HINT:females lay there kind of eggs EXP:pikachu female lays pichu eggs when breeding with different pokemon) and hatch until wanted shiny pokemon.

    Third: soft reset R L select start HOLD AT SAME TIME

    forth: POKEMON RADAR

  4. Guest12416071
    i got a shiny ponyta
  5. Guest11663021
    first you beat the elite 4 then you go to the area outside pal park and use your pokeradar to catch a shiny pokemon
  6. Guest11323001
    I caught a shiny charizard and all you have to do is walk around in grass and hope you get lucky. If you want to you can buy a action replay.

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