how to get a moshi monster password back

by Guest17827797  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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hey does anyone now how to get in ur moshi monster without ur password or get ur forgotten password back by a diffrent email account

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  1. Guest27860799



  2. Guest23088145

    but i can't get it back because i got 2 accounts with the same pass

  3. Guest22811147

    add me im puppys-dogs


  4. Guest22699119

    if you go on edd my account it will say old passwordn new password and comfirm password so if i sead  my old password is moshi and my confirm password is beauti girl my new password is beautie girl witch not then u woud press something and thats ur password                         


    add me on moshi monsters my name is poppit5005

  5. Guest22470089

    k thank u

  6. Guest20458517
    add me tays9901
  7. Guest20019074
    i tried it didnt work
  8. Guest18548598
    add me lila2442 and locoito23
  9. Guest18046797
    but i forrgot my email address
  10. Guest17859108
    u go to reset ur password and then it says type in ur email address and ur monsters owner name and then u go and check ur emails and if it comes up it will have a website to reset it that's how i did it once!!!

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