how to get a boy to like you in 5th grade and youre scared

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i like this guy who likes this girl that hates him and he asked her out i think she said no and she is way blonder than me. he liked me in 4th grade but, well i try to be funny and im a tomboy. HELP!!!!

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  1. Guest28108332

    All you guys.Guess what I have liked a guys for years and years and we are best friends, all my friends say that we should be a couple but I am to shy to ask him out I have facetimed him and everything. However I'm not scared to talk to him I'm just scared that he will say no. To me I feel in a way like we are going out because he tickles me plays with me texts me hes partners with me in everything. Everyone say that we love each other urs just that we haven't said it to each other. So for you girls out there, if you like a guy make a joke with him but not a big one thats gonna make you laugh. If you are scared to ask him out and you know that he likes you be patient and let him ask you out or if you are impatient just ask him out. By the way allways have a smile on your face! 


  2. Guest28020163

    Well, I'm a guy in fifth grade. I can tell you that all I really want in a girl is nice, fun, and interesting. Just think, who cares if she is blonder than you. Anyway, I like brunettes and dirty blondes when it comes to hair,,,

  3. Guest24941119

    I love this cute boy in my class but I am way to shy to talk to him......

    HELP ME!!!!



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  5. Guest24919472

    listen close you shouln't juge him by looks ok maybe but he has to be the guy you expect him to be not a jerk i mean kind,emotional,athletic, and likes u for u also if he has a gf get over him u shouldn't waist your fun school year over him he ain't worth nothing he don't deserve u oh and if he says yes when u ask him out don't get carried away if he sees another hot girl he will do what ever it takes to get her to be his gf i have a crush on my friend aj but i as him out and were going steady and goinmg steady isn't bad also i'll give u irls a heads up give him some space let him hang with his friends.

  6. Guest23543357

    im blonde and their is 2 blone guy and the 2 of them are brothers 1 in 7th grade and 1 in 5th grade and im at 6th grade the 2 of the have green eyes and the stare at me and always smile at me what do i do and in valantines day both of them wrote me in a card i love u what do i do i cant date both of them ps they are more than cute the 7th grader is called seif the 5th grader is called ziyad what do i do

  7. Guest23319300

     i like this boy named terrel and tm is the talent show should i tell i like him then ??????


  8. Guest23283974

    i like this boy he is cute but not for sure he will go out with me help

  9. Guest23142086

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  10. Guest23114318

    Im super nervus i like a boy named Koleton and he likes a girl named alixis and they r dateing i love him he is way hotter than Talor Laughteonr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help pleasse

  11. Guest22550401

    i am so tearified to talk to this boy. And guess what he is in my class, in my table group, and sits right next to me.Plus he is my age. Also he has been at my school for 3 months now and he has at least dated 6 girls. Plus guess what the 5 girl he dated is my worst enemie. She dumped him and she wanted him back .PS lots of people thibk he is a jerk but he is nice to me and his friends. He says he is only nice to the girls he like and to his friends. But i don't know if i am a friend or a girl he likes. He treats me like a friend but he looks at me like i am a girl he likes. So what am i a friend or a girl he likes?! plz help me

  12. Guest22501842

    I would get to know em first then get info on em then if you have something alike with em then tell em then after be friends with him then try to get signs see if he likes ya...... then if he does try to ask him out...... but your kind of too young........ even im too young im in 8th grade

  13. Guest22362308

    why are you talk about this on here do it over email these arent even answers. my boyfriend asked me out and he did not fight with everyone about it

  14. Guest18538006
    omg tyler did you ask this q??? if u did i got some f*****g good answers,they r supa secret though. i cant say them on here though . if u r tyler a girl, meet me @ (at) school. dumb blond a.k.a. :spider hair a.k.a paw prints a.k.a dog a poo a.k.a yo best fwend dbshppdap adaline.
  15. Guest18538006
    f**k him get another guy. what a b*****d.wait i am that guy!!! not.make him eat $#it
  16. Guest17100482
    He must b an a** hole
  17. Guest17074782
    so how do i know he likes me and nt her??????:(
  18. Guest17074782
    ok acatully i asked the Q
  19. Guest17056866
    listen it easy just play it cool like here are some conversation starters whats ur fave sport? whats ur fave food? whats ur fave color? then like lets say i ask my secret crush whats ur fave color? then if he say lets say blue then say oh i have an awesome blue t-shirt i'll wear it tommorow and u wear it tommorow then every once in a while do that but not to offten or he think ur to clingy after a week of this play it cool and say i think ur kinda cute then listen to his response then ask him out or have a friend be ur messanger and just have her ask him out p.s NEVER use the same conversation starter or he will get annoyed and ignore u hope it works out:]
  20. Guest17023835
    Who cares if she is blonder than you. Unless he likes blonds.You should make him laugf.after a while ask him if he likes you or tell him you like him and walk away. the next day ask him if he dose again.
  21. Guest17022546
    First of all, why are you worried that she is more "blondier" than you. The darker you are, the closer you are to original. Second, you shouldn't try to change your personality just so he'd like you. Do you realize what your doing? Third, you are way too young to be concerning yourself with boys. Trust me, thousands of girls have been dumped or raped because they concerned themselves with boys at a wrong age. If you wait till' you're at least 18, you'll know what to look for in a man, plus you're giving him time to begin to like you.

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