how to follow the rules of sci-damath

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how to follow the rules of sci-damath

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    number values of cheaps under sci damath water patrol

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    1.You must know the rules of playing damath game.( SELECT KIND OF GAME) 2. Prepare score sheets to be filled up by both players. 3. Start the game by tossing a coin. 4. Observe time management. 5. Observe the rules until the end of the game. RULES OF THE SCI-DAMATH <center> </center> 1. Toss a coin to decide who move first. 2. The two players alternately take turn in moving a piece. ( Pass is not allowed) 3. Touch move shall be observed in the game. A player who touches a chip is required to move unless it is illegal to do so. 4. After making a move, a player shall record his move in one score sheet. 5. Only one score sheet will be used by the players in a game. 6. Each player is only allowed one minute to move including the recording . Except in takes or captured.

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