how to fix fan noise in a GE heat pump

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I have a GE zoneline heat pump (heater/ac in one). One of its fans is making a loud chatter. Where can I find schematics for taking it apart/putting it back together?

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  1. Muhammad Uzair
    Hello ,I'm sure i can help you with this....Unfortunatly i am not there to put my hands on it but i will explain as clearly as possible. The most common problem I tend to find with these units is that the control board and indoor fan motor tends to go bad in these quite often. If you put the unit in A/C MODE and/or Fan mode and set it to high if it will not speed up from low , then your problem could be in a couple different places. 1st. The bearings in the fan motor could be wearing down , 2nd The Control board could be bad in that its not telling the fan motor to speed up. And when you tell me that the compressor doesnt run in that mode at any given time..... which the electric heat and heat pump itself works together so that when the load is really tough that the heat pump doesnt over work and in general saves life on your compressor. Solution is this. Take your indoor fan motor off and and drill out the rivits and it pulls apart easy, and replace the bearings and grease them. ALIGNMENT OF THE FAN IS A MUST. doesnt cost much at all the fix this. Just a little time and bearings Replace the Board in the control box

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