how to export onions to dubai

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how to export onions to dubai

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  1. Guest22518469

    Hi. I have excellent quality of onion from my own farms reay for export. is any one interested plz contact with me on my no. 0092 321 8984768 . or send e-mail on mentioned Id.

  2. Guest22457359

    i cn supply  u from germany

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  3. Guest20271549
    how size to export onion dubai
  4. Guest19992920
    iam an manufacturer in onion,and small onion how to export other country
  5. Guest19472076
    how size to export onion dubai
  6. Ali Abdullah
    Hi There, Good crop in Pakistan has dented demand for Indian onion, dragging the export of the farm item from this country down by about 24 %in July. Worse still, the neighbouring nation is now exporting onion to Dubai and some other destinations, which had imported heavily from India in the last fiscal, pushing up its outbound shipment of the commodity to a record 17.6 lakh tonne. “India’s onion exports in the last month declined to 1.30 lakh tonne, compared with 1.70 lakh tonne in the year-ago period, mainly due to a slump in demand from Pakistan,” said a senior official with Nafed, which oversees onion export. Pakistan had imported 1,69,918 tonne of onion from India last year after a failure of the crop. However, since it has harvested a good crop this year, it has not only cut down on its dependence on Indian onion but is also exporting. Pakistan has purchased about 50,000 tonne of onion from India so far this fiscal, though the import has virtually stopped since May-end. “Demand from Pakistan dipped after May, affecting export even in June,” the official said.Though India’s onion export so far this fiscal at 6.88 lakh tonne has exceeded last fiscal’s level of 6.19 lakh tonne, the dip in demand from Pakistan since May-end and its shipment to nations, which would otherwise have imported from India, pose a challenge. Onion from the major growing region of Nasik is usually exported to Pakistan and some Gulf countries while that from the southern part of India is shipped to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. Meanwhile, Nafed has raised the the minimum export price of onion by $20 a tonne to an average of $205-210 for August with a view to raising domestic supply and containing price rise. Wholesale prices of onion shot up to Rs 581 a quintal as on July 31 in the country’s largest trading hub of Lasalgaon, compared with Rs 371 about three months ago.

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