Dressing up a boy like a girl for Halloween

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I have many times heard that it is a fun when girlfriends, would dress up the boys as a girl. Whether if it Halloween, a costume party or just something to do for a little fun, it is always an adventure. However, on this Halloween, I want to dress some of my friends like girls. Share some good tips to make them look more like girls.

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  1. Harry

    The very first thing is you need help from a woman, whether it is a girlfriend, wife, friend, sister or mom. They can give you the best advice and opinions on what to wear, how to do your make up and so on. Do not even attempt to dress like a girl without having one present. Secondly, you must start by thinking about what kind of woman you want to dress like. Once you have decided tell your girl helper how you want to dress and ask her where to find clothes to match what you want. Third, better try finding a store that does not have clerks at the try on counters. It's a little embarrassing. Some people don't care but if you are nervous in the first place, some funny looks can be avoided by doing this. Fourth, you must get a bra and panties and if you are planning on doing this more than once, Victoria Secret is the best because of their quality and comfort. Fifth, now it is up to the lady friend. You need clothes, shoes and make up. You want to pick out things that flatter your body style and that looks good on your skin. Lastly, make sure to stuff the bra with appropriate sized fruits or balloons and stuff the panties to give you some shape. Allow the girl to fix your clothes for you and apply makeup and donot forget to shave your legs and armpits to achieve a true feminine look.

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