How to draw a day of the dead skull?

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I am working at a shop and kids are coming for buying skull drawings. Anyone please tell me how can I draw a day of the dead skull. I am not a professional sketcher but I want to do it on my own, rather than rendering the services of some professional artist. Do me a favor, and tell me how to do it easily.


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  1. John


    No need to worry, it is quite easy and you can do it with great ease. All you have to do is to start up with any medium you like. It can be pen, marker, pencils or crayons.

    After selecting any medium of your choice and then carry on with your creative skills, but to practice you might want to try with a soft pencil first. It might happen to you that you may like to remove the uneven lines. In this way you can erase your mistakes easily. If you like the final drawing, you can always go over the lines with a marker or other art material.

    Skull drawing is not more complicated than the any other drawing and you can easily draw it without any hindrance. There are no steps required and once you are done you can do it again and again with different designs of skulls. Even you can add some outstanding animations to make it more interesting on different sides.

    I hope now you can easily draw dead skull on your own.


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