how to cancel the saudi employment visa

by Guest5282322  |  11 years ago

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what is the procedure to cancel the saudi employement visa.
waht are the requrement need to cancel it??
its very urgent plz guide with that




  1. Guest23286659

    i have my passport stamp by my agency here in the philippine going saudi arabia due to personal reason that i cant go to work anymore i want to cancel long it would take for them to cancel my working visa?thanks for immediate reply

  2. Guest22558455

     how to cancel saudhi employment visa with in three months inorder to get job in other countries

  3. Guest18961032
    i have stamp visa from saudi embassy pakistan Now i want to cancel from embassy without any loss
  4. Guest17285063
    i got stamp entry visa for employment but due to some problems i can not leave pakistan, i want to get it cancelled what's the way to get it cancelled without loss to the employer on whose behalf visa stamped. how much time shall it take and would there be any ban on me
  5. Guest16667993
    How to cancel saudi visa which satamped, so please help me, I want to quick cancle
  6. Guest16524344
    I have a Saudi multi entry visa stopping me working in Khafji Oilfield as Visa says - Not permitted to work. It is valid until 26th March. I went to my Sponsor in Saudi to try and chnage it to a single entry visa but no luck getting Immigration in Al Khobar to do that. I am in Bahrain and going to Dubai tomorrow. The Saudi Embassy in Bahrain said they could not cancel it and just wondered if better chance seeing the Saudi embassy in Dubai
  7. Guest10432657
    how to omit single persons visa from a Saudi Group Visa

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