how to become rich at a young age?

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My friend said he earns 6 digit cash at the age of 20 years without doing any kind of job, actually he invests his money in different companies by purchasing shares and offer loans at high interest rates. I am 16 years old, so my job would count in child labor. Is there any professional or expert, who can tell me the unique ideas to earn money starting with a $5000 in my pocket. Please help!

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  1. Guest23620560

    I would like to add some more things to the last answer. To earn best with blogging or online marketing, I would advise you to start a freelance service, to learn and earn. Download few tutorials to learn the basic steps and strategies. It would be the best opportunity to pursue it as a career, because most people prefer Online Business as compared to do the job and start a business. In online marketing, you have no chance to lose something, but you can achieve as much as you want, it depends entirely your own expertise and willingness to achieve what you want


  2. ZZ

    Considering the child labor in mind and suggesting a job suitable enough for age group in which you are presently is quite a difficult task. But still there always a way out from any given box. Now what things can be advised to you are mostly connected to the new age technology which is internet and you need to be outstanding in the field which you will select for your earning mode.
    Blogging is a very useful idea with the amount you have got in your pocket i think it is the best job through which you can earn as much as you would like to. These days online marketing is also getting more and more popular then the traditional ways of marketing. So you need to surf online to get more and more ideas about your field which you want to carry on as business.


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