how to become a mermaid when wet human when dry and to have all the h2o girls powers and frezz time

by Guest16468114  |  10 years, 4 month(s) ago

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please dont be mean it hurts please my code name is mermaid weter one of the 4 h2o girls

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  1. Guest25007964

     No they are and I won't a real answer not some fake one I wanna be 1 really bad if u don't have a spell/potion then shut up if u do please tell me!!!!

  2. Guest22045759

    ignore Guest16468946 whether they r real or not theres no harm in believing i believe and i want 2 be 1 badly and im 11yrs old so u can as well. believe and sooner or later u WILL become one P.S if u hav any spells plz tell me ;)

  3. Guest17257021
    well you can say a spell that i forgot. And look if you dont belive in mermaids dont do it. Go on to or go on to P.S im a mermaid and its true
  4. Guest16738707
  5. Guest16468946
    Mermaids are not real!!!!!!!!!!! That is just a show!!!!!!

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