how to be a moshi monster member on moshi monsters game

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how to be a moshi monster member on moshi monsters game

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  1. Guest27851716

    u have to sigh up at moshi monsters and u have to pay to become a member im a member but I got it for free suck haw haw

  2. Guest24927833

    Sign up at:

    Do offers. Get points. Get FREE MEMBERSHIPS!

  3. Guest23628651

    look, i already tried the plant the plant thing and it didn't work. but i do know how 2 get free cursors( 4 any of u morons who dont know what a cursor is, its that pointer thingy that moves when u move ur mouse. AND NOT UR PET MOUSE)! just search cursor mania on bing and wa-la! there it is! all u have 2 do is install it 4 free and find it in ur toolbar. then click it and choose from over ummm, uhh, a, well il just say a big number of cursors and most of them r animated( again 4 morons, THAT MEANS THEY MOVE). right now mine is a green lollipop!

  4. liam

    i will   give u mine but u have to give yours ok

  5. Guest22804894

    its easy, JUST PAY FOR IT PPL!

  6. Guest22714398

    how do u become a member for free

  7. Guest22617370

     just type in the bar and when you get on the site up the top you will see Member ship! click it and follow the steps to get a member ship! ( you have to pay with a credit card ) ( if you do this with out a parent , your account could be banned forever )

  8. Guest22536858

    Hi everyone and if u want to be a member click the map then click the port,then click join now then just follow what it says it's so easy so I don't know why some people don't even know how 2 do it and it's so easy!My moshi meber expires in 2 days so hurry up! and oif u ask me I will!

    My username is:


    Thanks for reading !!!! :) :P :O xxxxxxxx

  9. Guest22479573

     Well idd like to be a free member but... well if your a member can we share accounts? Ill give you mine for free me and my cousin want a free membership.



                                                                                                                    Thank you.

  10. Guest22443968

    u gotta buy 3 silly peppers or 3 dragon fruit and youll be a member 4 free. happy?

    add my account its: moneykiller

  11. Guest22429776

    its simple just PAY for it da!!!

  12. Guest22385574

    its simple................. U PAY STOP ASKING HOW TO GET IT 4 FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Guest22365754

    people !!just give us a code

  14. Guest22251910





  15. Guest22086150

    i want to be a moshi member

  16. Guest21749373

     make me a member

  17. Guest20302733
    I will tell u hw like this die die die
  18. Guest20022010
    can you tell how to became a moshi monster member?
  19. Guest19672926
    you try to go to the port and this thing will say if you would like to be a member
  20. Guest19672770

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