how to activate a moshi monster

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how to activate a moshi monster

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  1. Guest28108792

    you go on your email account and click on the email they should have sent you then click activate account, you will  then have to type in your password and username for your monster then you have activated it! 

  2. Guest23624323


  3. Guest23604188

    i no u go on fb login and do wateves , anyhow we r talkin bout fb here arent we

  4. Guest22756012

    its soo hard


  5. Guest22740573

    is it posible to get a free membership on moshi monsters plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me


  6. Guest22488744

    stupid ideits this is boring

  7. Guest21854764

    how do you activate moshimonster HELP



  8. Guest20818019
    how long does it take to get a moshi mosnters activation code ?
  9. Guest20428062
    how can i activate my moshi monster?i get so difficult about that.Pls. help me oh
  10. Guest19155583
    my acount cannot active because i cant active my registration email
  11. Guest18548598
    ok so you want to know how to actived it right well first u go to moshimonsters then u press membership then press on the flag then pick a card then it says please enter your code your welcome please add me im lila2442 also add locoito23 ok thanks
  12. Guest18016059
    how do i activate my mochi monsters email please open my email to use my moshi monsters and unblock junk mail moshi monsters is so very important to me thank you if you help me god may bless when you help my problem........
  13. Guest17321888
    i dont know my activation code HELP
  14. Guest17155418
    my activation thing won't work and i can't copy it or any thing help
  15. Guest17146003
    how to activate a moshi monster
  16. Guest17067017
    how do you activate moshi monsters
  17. Guest16948828
  18. lauren
    you activate it though your email, if it doesn't come up that means in your setting you need to unblock junk mail as it comes under junk mail

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