how the girls feel when boy friends touch their v****a?

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how the girls feel when boy friends touch their v****a?

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  1. Guest28168511
    when I was in my class, I was standing on the wall and this boy that liked me came up to me and he put his d--k on me and was like uh uh and tbh it really felt good, I never really had my v****a touced by a boy because im you know too young right now but I have masturbated and that felt really good and. boys have touched my booty and my front part but it really turns me on but I am sad because I cant see my baes anymore tho.
  2. Guest28133155
    when a boy touches a girl there if it's her first time she will feel sick like if she is doing something wrong
  3. Guest23268818

    perverts holy moly preverts


  4. Guest23268818

    wtf are this answers

  5. Guest22914974

     I have a p***s and so does lady gaga

  6. Guest22440691

    Hi, my name is jeremy and why you do not make a video? Iam wating you for so long


  7. Guest21853401

    My Boyfriend loves touching me all over. I like it, but it matters if you like it or not.

  8. Guest21134271
    My Boyfriend love sucking and squeezing my breast and p***y, they are very sensitive parts he finger my v****a frequently, I feel very stimulated to the touch, we both enjoy touching v****a and d**k,and masturbating them.
  9. Guest20090431
    wot the f*k....y ur so desperate a*****e...........go and try on ur mom
  10. Guest16396234
    Iam not a gurl
  11. Guest16072428
    Hi my name is Kami and I say idk and I am a girl

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