how pilandok became a sultan

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how pilandok became a sultan

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  1. Guest23874792

    wat the F**K....

  2. Guest20333257
    how pilandok became a sultan i have came to thank u oh sultan.for throwing me into the sea. when my cage touched bottom i saw my reach ancestors who were only too happy to see me. they opened my cage and took me to their undersea tongue cannot describe the treasures that i saw there precious and silver. and ihave them if i styed . thinking of my family here, i asked permission to see them for the last tymgoing back TO LIVE PERMANENTLY in that undersea kingdom, i have to return at once goodbye then my relatives are waiting for me. no my lord, i cannot do that ,.we cannot go alone im your own cage. it is not i am selfish, but who will take care of ur kingdom while you are away.... oh ayan n ah...
  3. Guest20099030
    how pilandok became a sultan
  4. Guest20005262
    y ask me???? nangutana gani aqetch. . .jajai nlng galabad na ulo ko kahanap sa n u buh mga y pulos uie...galagot naqu!!!! panu buh?panu???ha??how??how nga ba pilandok became a sultan? grrrhhh....
  5. Guest19983173
    nagmumukang gago ang mga pilipino dahil sa mga sagot ninyo!!
  6. Guest19945314
    parangb gago
  7. Guest19863729
    i dunno!!!!
  8. Guest19843990
    Pilandok was been a Sultan english verion
  9. Guest19832492
    piloandok became a sultan because of i dont know!!
  10. Guest19794273
    wla p dn result ng question n2.. amp...
  11. Guest19692275
    the story of pilandok was in the book of "philippine literature past and present" (revised edition) pp.7 author: silverio baltasar, teresita erestain and ma. fes. estanislao. search in your library.
  12. Guest19689277
  13. Guest19688237
    ewan ko nga din ehkayanga naghahanap para may masagot......pero cla pa ang nagtatanong
  14. Guest19677653
  15. Guest19677653
  16. Guest19677653
  17. Guest19677290
  18. Guest19665077
    anu ba yn ayw lmbs bwsit nman eh....................................
  19. Guest19568866
  20. Guest19566121
  21. Guest19557974
    because he is ugly
  22. Guest19547235
    because sultan is sultan!!!

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