how much is a wards western feild 22 bolt action 6 shot clip 18 worth

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how much is a wards western feild 22 bolt action 6 shot clip 18 worth

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Here's the scoop. Your gun appears to have been manufactured between 1940 and 1945. The 'eagle over N' is the standard n**i commercial acceptance proof mark. The "K" below the serial number actually increases the value slightly. The values for the .32 ACP which is what you have are as follows: 100% (brand new in box) $850 98% - $650 95% - $475 90% - $375 80% - $300 My guess, based on your description, is that you have something in the 90%-95% range. I'd have to actually see it to be precise in the grading. Very few old guns are considered 98% or higher. The fact that you have the additional magazines and holster would probably make it a little more valuable to a collector depending on their particular interests. Depending on the holster condition, you might be able to add as much as $200 to the value of the package. I recently found a specimen advertised for sale like yours listed in 85% condition with a high quality bore, two magazines and a holster (DGRM) for $995.

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