how much is 100 grams of 21 carat gold in uk to sell?

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coz i want to sell my gold and its 100 grams which is 21 carat gold.

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  1. Guest22018787
    i want to buy it fromm you contact m on if ur intrested

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  4. Ali Abdullah
    hi, In the U.K., for example, the following caratages are allowed: 9 (375), 14 (585), 18 (750), 22 (916), and 24 (990 and 999). In many countries, a large range of caratages is legally allowed but only a few are in common use. The dominant caratage also varies as shown in the next table: Typical Caratages of Gold Jewellery Region Typical Caratage (fineness) Oriental East (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan) 24 carat 'Chuk Kam' (99.0% min) India & subcontinent 22 carat (91.6%) Arabic countries in Persian Gulf region 21 carat (87.5%) Europe - Southern */ Mediterranean 18 carat (75.0%) Europe - Northern, USA, etc** 8-18 carat (33.3 - 75.0%) * Portugal - 19.2 carat (80.0%) ** For example, Germany - 14 ct with 8 & 18 carat; UK - 9 ct with 18 and 22 ct; USA - 14 ct with 10 & 18 carat Some countries insist that there is no negative tolerance allowed (e.g. UK, where 18 carat is 750 fineness minimum) but in others a negative tolerance, typically 3 parts per thousand, is allowed (e.g. in USA, a fineness of 747 would be accepted as 18 carat). This causes difficulty in the mutual recognition of national marks/hallmarks , a problem raised in the European Union by the Houtwhipper ruling recently. Thus a piece of jewellery assaying at 747 fineness would pass in the USA as 18 carat but fail in the U.K

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