How long was tony Curtis married?

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There are different speculations and rumors between the wedding of famous actress Janet Leigh and actor Tony Curtis, as Janet Leigh was married to several men. Both the renowned celebrities have 11 years together and critics are of the view that it was the golden time of their lives during which, they gave birth to two daughters. I was wondering how she managed to do so. Also, I want to know that how long Janet Leigh was married to Tony Curtis.

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  1. John

    Marked as a young adult by famous video celebrity Norma Shearer, Janet Leigh tied her knots with Tony Curtis in 1951. She is the mother of Jamie Leigh Curtis. According to different sources, Janet Leigh is possibly best renowned for her notorious wash view in an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, which is popularly known as Psycho. She is also famous for her wedding ceremony to Tony Curtis, who was an actor. She made several movies during late 40s and early 50s. Apart from this, she also worked with numerous premier stars of that time. The records justify that she she wedded actor Tony Curtis in 1951. She gave birth to two daughters named, Kelly Lee – born in 1956 – and Jamie Lee – born in 1958. Both the actor and actress (Curtis and Leigh) emerged in five movies simultaneously, most especially in Houdini, which was released in 1953. Different sources claim that she got separated from Curtis and wedded controller, Robert Brandt in 1962.

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