how long can you go without pooping before you get sick?

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how long can you go without pooping before you get sick?

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, Your intestines are about 15 feet long, so you can store quite a bit of f***s in them. However, as the amount of f***s backs up, nutrient absorption suffers and chances for disease increase. If you're holding it more than a week, get some kind of diuretic, else even when you do eat, your body won't get sufficient nutrients, and you'll be open for opportunistic infections. Plus, if you're eating poisons, you risk blood poisoning. One of the most effective ways to prevent constipation is to eat almonds. You'll have loose stool (almonds contain trace amounts of arsenic, which forces your body to reduce water reabsorption from f***s in order to isolate and excrete the toxin), but you'll never get constipated. Thanks

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