how i check my 8th class result faisalabad board

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I have given my 8th class exams through Faisalabad board, and waiting for the result, i have no idea, how to check the result on net. Can you help me in this regard.

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  1. Mitchel

     Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Faisalabad, has an online website that can be accessed through this online source: on the top of this web page is the result tab, where all the latest results are available and updated. You can check your result through this site.

  2. Guest23153580

    tell me result of roll # 68-419-243



  3. Guest23153119

     plzzzzzzzz tell me 8th class faisal abad board result my roll num is 66104347


  4. Guest23152658

    plz tell the result of roll#95200149


  5. Guest23152106

    68434264 plz tell my result class 8th

  6. Guest23151941

    pls tell us result 8th class result of faisalabad board

    roll no is:     68517156

  7. Guest23151226


  8. Guest23149210

     PlZ tElL uS rEsulT ROLL NO .68424253

  9. Guest23149096

     i want my 8th class result?

  10. Guest23149058


  11. Guest23148970

    plz tell result of roll no. 95208240

  12. Guest23148857

     plz tell result of roll number.66-132-203

  13. Guest23148857

     plz tell result of roll number.66132202

  14. Guest23148844

    tell my result now roll no68-618-107

  15. Guest23147399


  16. Guest23146846


  17. Guest23144240


  18. Guest17956928
    hi 68-461-230 check the result plz
  19. Guest17697387
    roll no.68302104 plz tell result
  20. Guest17695857
  21. Guest17678744
  22. Guest17675489
    ROLL NO 68-298-253
  23. Guest17673569
    please tell us our 8th class result 2010 faisalabad board, our roll nos. are 68599230 & 68599268
  24. Guest17671475
    plz tell result of roll no.68348308
  25. Guest17671364
    plz tell result of roll no. 68571346

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