how i can enter the kosovo with pakistani passport

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i am pakistani and iwant to vist date of birth 20/05/ firend ask me kosovo is visa is free.only buy ticket to enter the kosovo

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  1. Guest24779922

    Hello tourist ,
    Our company is ready to provide you with invitation letter and voucher ok.
    Please it will take 4 to 6 days for your invitation to be ready.
    after you payment we are going to send you an Invitation and voucher by DHL,
    As for those trvelling to kosovo thier visa will be given on arrialle at the airprot in Kosovo,Our airport Transfer cost is fix at Euros 60 for a person to any Hotel around the
    city of Prishtina in Kosovo and for the Hotel we can arange an apartment
    or single room for your client okay.we can also provide you with Russia,Estonia,Kosovo,Moldova,bulgeria ,china Ukrian etc Invitation okay.


    Our invitation prices list :

    1 month invitation costs 550 Euros
    3 months invitation costs 700 Euros
    6 months invitation costs 960 Euros
    1year invitation costs 1230 euros
    document needed are as follow
    -A Copy of your client scand passport only .
    -Date of arrival.
    -Date of Departure .
    Best Regards.
    frave Yolaine
    sale maneger
    west travel agency
    MOSCOW ,

  2. Guest23091569

    you need to have invitation letter to enter in KOSOVO. Also to travel to Kosovo you need to cross from Turkey or any other state. But if you have an invitation letter for Kosovo you can take very easy transit visa for Turkey in your country. Best Regards


  3. Guest22637506

    The Best Answer About Kosovo Visa Enquires is  Here , Since We Know What it Takes to be a Leader Visit us

    For Complete information about kosovo visa and entry Requirments Please Visit Always Official Website of Ministry of Foregin Affaris of the Related Countries where you want to go,

    Have Look On Kosovo Visa process click on the link below ., And have Valid Informations via Reliable Soruces !,20



  4. Guest22637075

    if you like to go kosova just send me mail

  5. Guest21901678

    hai friend,

    if  u want go to kasovo .free infarmation  consulatefor kosovo visa ,pls contect  mr nadeem ,from lhr pakistan. 0092. 0300,4261939.








  6. Guest19576179
    how i can eter the kosove with pakistni paspoat
  7. Guest15256043
    We are a consulting company based in kosovo, We can help business companies and investors want to come and to do business in kosovo, anybody can contact us , regards , bostjan mikulic , 00386-49-5098620
  8. Guest15036772
  9. Guest14087015
    sir,I am Pakistani and I want to go to kosovo but I dont know the procedure that how can I go there.If you kindly help me to my perticular question.because I am very keen to go to thing that I have pakistani passport and I am its national.
  10. Guest13147511
    hi I want to know that what the legally process to immigrated myself to KOSOVO, I m PAKISTANI citizen and want to migrate to KOSOVO Please reply me in detail Thank you E mail
  11. Ali Abdullah
    hi, Kosovo is currently administered by the UN. At the moment, no visa is required for entry. You may need, however, valid proof of your intentions for your visit to show the border guards. Entry into Kosovo does not mean you will get entry into Serbia or Montenegro. Please make sure that you have the valid visas required for your visits. Visa requirements are subject to change. Please check with the local embassy/consulate for the latest requirements for your country's passport.

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