how healthy is musterbation?

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how healthy is musterbation?

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  1. Leonardo
    • Sexual arousal and o****m triggers the release of numerous hormones. A rise in oxytocin levels via s*x, for instance, has been shown in studies to be a profound pain reliever, for headaches, menstrual cramps and muscle aches, and promotes feelings of affection and nurturing which help to reduce stress levels. s*x encourages the flow of testosterone, which strengthens bones and muscles and helps transport DHEA, a hormone that is important in the function of the body’s immune system, as well as for tissue repair and neurological balance. Keeping testosterone flowing freely also helps to reduce the risk of prostate problems and cancer in men. In women, estrogen levels increase during arousal, providing benefits to the reproductive organs as well as to skin and hair. Endorphins -- releases in the same way they are after other exercise -- reduce depression, and can improve cholesterol levels and help increase circulation.

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