how dose a 11 year boy old ask out an 11 year old girl and they say yes

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how dose a 11 year boy old ask out an 11 year old girl and they say yes

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  1. Guest27569873

    I know this is from a year ago,but i think the best way to ask a girl out is to be nice about it. If you're a boy ask her if she has a boyfriend before asking her out. Don't text it,because if she says no it will feel awlward texting you. Also,if she says no,don't bug her about why she said no. Ok,point is ask her if she has a boyfriend,if she wants one,if she likes you,if she says yes ask her out.

  2. Guest23884808
    Hi im not sure how to get girls but im a girl and if ur smart nice and hot and live in Florida maybe we
  3. Guest23299071

    If you are on the Girls side just say yes because boys have feelings too. (trust me im a boy) 

    Then if you say "yes" and the boy will be happy since they know you will be there



  4. Guest22679234

    dont get a messenger just tell her in person or text her p.s. im a girl so trust me

    we would rather wait for a first kiss so hang on a while although some of us want to have a first kiss right away WHATEVER YOU DO DONT START TALKING ABOUT YOU GUYS FIRST KISS THE DY AFTER YOU START DATING just say somethink like

    "hi (girls name) i really like you do you like me" if she says yes say

    "do you want to go out with me?" if she doesnt say yes just walk away we dont like to be pressured

    hope this helps


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